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Deviniti is Atlassian Platinum & Enterprise Solution Partner and Platinum Marketplace Partner. Those titles:

  • certifiy the quality of solutions and services provided by us
  • confirm our experience in implementing solutions in companies all over the world
  • allow us to offer more favorable conditions for the purchase of a license.


of companies from Fortune 500 rank are our clients


successful projects for clients all over the world


years of experience & know-how

Professional Atlassian Services

How We Work

We strive to be flexible and treat our customers as partners to solve their problems individually. But whatever we agree on, together we'll go through the following steps.

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Step 1

Requirements gathering

To learn your situation better and offer the best possible solution, we'll get in touch with you via email or phone and conduct the first interview. We also have brief templates and questionnaires for most common problems to do it quicker and start working right from the spot.

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Step 2

Business and technical analysis

The next step is to analyze your requirements and map them to the exact features of the future toolset. We'll do it on our own or during a technical workshop with your IT team, and this is a crucial part of fulfilling your requirements afterwards.

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Step 3


As a result, we'll construct a proof-of-concept instance, which we'll present to you during an demo session or a workshop with your team, and also answer all your questions. In addition to this, we'll share pre-recorded webinars and other content that will help you learn more about the products we use there.

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Step 4


After we agree on the technical details, we'll prepare a project specification document with estimated implementation time and costs, including those of the product licenses that we'll use. On this step, we also prepare the support agreement if you need one.

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Step 5


While you review the documents, we'll roll out a test instance that your teams can try out and give us feedback on the possible improvements. This can also serve as a platform for future experiments.

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Step 6


When we sign the offer and finalise the deal, our consultants will install and configure the instance in production. We'll also integrate the Atlassian suite with the other tools that you have in your stack according to your prior requirements.

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Step 7


After that, we'll still take part in your instance life cycle and help optimize it when your teams come across problems in its daily use. We're always open to consulting sessions, performance monitoring, and suitable actions to help your admins scale the instance and keep it working smooth.

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We took off in 2004 setting the course to discovering innovative solutions. Our software home was established to guide businesses through their digital transformation and build long-term partnerships. That’s why we’re not only creating IT software. We’re here to help you with everything you need: from design, through development and maintenance to support.

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