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A well-coordinated team with a bold mission: to create solutions and products that change the world and make us proud.

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They trust our galaxy of possibilities

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Deviniti’s history

How we started

Our goal has always been about pushing digital transformation within companies. Our dedicated development teams provide their software engineering skills and IT expertise to improve the efficiency of businesses such as yours.

Deviniti’s journey started with several experienced software enthusiasts. Since then, we have invited over 300 specialists to our Software Home, and our enthusiasm keeps growing!


Your partner wherever you are

Although we like talking about our projects, we want the numbers to speak for themselves.

Specialists in our Software Home
Years on the market
Global customers whom we helped with digital transformation
Companies using our products and services


Where are we heading?

Our goal is to be your partner in the technological world. We look for innovative solutions that will give customers a competitive advantage while leaving a mark on the digital galaxy.

New challenges and boundaries to cross drive us to take steps where no one else has ever gone.

Our digital transformation-driving company is well-known around the world. Our digital products and services have provided us with worldwide recognition.

software home

There’s no place like our Software Home

Deviniti is so much more than a software house – we’re a software home.

In Deviniti, it’s people who count. We are united by common goals but mostly values. The best summary of our philosophy is the motto: make yourself comfortable at our #SoftwareHome. We strive to make everyone around us feel the most important – feel at Home.

We like to call ourselves a Software Home to show the close relationships with our customers and development teams. 

What we believe in

We are united by values

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The success of our customers is our success. We share knowledge and advice but never impose anything. We are partners.

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Shared responsibility

From CEOs, through managers, to specialists – we feel responsible for teams, projects, and the company. Everyone has an impact on Deviniti’s growth.

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Each project is managed by our top experts – their ideas lead our customers to success. We always do our best to maintain our customers’ trust.

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Passion and development

We support our employees’ development. We want them to be experts in their fields. Expertise is one of the features our customers appreciate us for.

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We are the masters of teamwork, and we treat our customers as part of the team. We share our ideas with them while being open to suggestions.

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We are here to help. We always recommend solutions that best suit our customers’ needs. Whatever the customers choose, we are always by their side.


They value our work

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Due to actions undertaken by Deviniti, Atlassian brand has been widely recognized on Polish market and Atlassian software is widely used among Polish customers. Deviniti successfully operates on Polish market, providing the expertise in Atlassian product deployment, integration, development, and customization on the highest level of quality available among Atlassian Central and Eastern Europe partners.
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I really liked working with Deviniti — they are a team of professionals with great knowledge and skills. The delivered app worked seamlessly, and Deviniti made sure to solve any issues that popped up during the testing phase. They established a smooth workflow through a dedicated project manager, who made sure everyone was always on the same page. The team was knowledgeable, skilled, and professional.
Małgorzata Śmigielska
Marketing Manager