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About Us

Our exploration of the vast galaxy of the digital world began with people. We knew that with the right crew, we can shoot for the stars, and so we did…

Blast Off!

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Dicovery Up

Our journey began with just a few dreamers, who dared to dream big. We wanted to break the limits of innovations and find new possibilities for digital transformation. We took off in 2004 firmly believing our software home would not be just another satellite lost in the vastness of space, but a beacon guiding businesses toward the future. And we were right!

We’ve build a software home with more than

250 specialists

who work with the biggest companies in the world

Through all the years we’ve helped more than

500 clients

to optimize their business processes


10’000 companies

use our apps for the Atlassian environment

We have a


annual growth rate for the past 10 years

Set the Course

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While exploring the universe of the digital world we’re looking for solutions no one has thought of before. We want to create things that will not only meet the expectations of our clients, but that will change the world. It might sound idealistic, but we love challenging ourselves, finding new frontiers and discovering innovative solutions.

No Place Like Home

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Deviniti is so much more than a software house - we're a software home.

We believed we can do more than just create and sell IT solutions. We wanted to support our clients with our expertise and develop real partnerships. And our conviction proved right. We'll help you with everything from design to development, from maintenance to support. Our knowledge and experience are at your service.

Principles That Guide Us

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Treat clients as partners

We listen to our customers carefully. We always strive for what's best for them. We're fair- if there's some alternative solution, we tell our customers about it.

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Accept and delegate responsibility

We take ownership of our work. Everyone has an impact on the project, team and our company growth direction. We all care about our clients' success.

Trust - Orange
Believe in people

We really value our customers' trust. We also believe that our employees want the best for them. That's why we deeply believe in our employees' ideas and we make strategic decisions together.

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Work with passion

Expertise is what our customers value us for. We have full confidence in our employees and we support their growth. Our hunger for knowledge is what made us who we are.

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Emphasize collaboration

We're team players. We treat our customers as part of our team. That's why we freely share our ideas with them. And we're always open to suggestions.

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Build long-term relationships

Our communication with customers is built on honesty and transparency. We don't say we know everything and we’re constantly looking for new solutions.

We've Earned Their Trust

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Our team is at your disposal from 8am to 5pm working days from Monday to Friday for any additional questions. (Central European Time, UTC/GMT+1)

+48 577 075 727

Deviniti Sp. z o.o.
ul. Sudecka 153
53-128 Wrocław



Sąd Rejonowy dla Wrocławia-Fabrycznej, VI W. Gosp.
Kapitał zakładowy: 50 000 zł