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5 most promising add-ons for Jira

Lukasz Dzbik - 6 February 2017 - 0 comments

The days when there were only a few  add-ons available on the Atlassian Marketplace are  gone. Nowadays, thanks to a multitude of available plugins, Jira is  much more extendable than several years ago,.

Some of them have more active instances than others. The one with the biggest number of active installations is Zephyr, which has been on the Atlassian Marketplace since the very beginning.

But do you think that the best plugins are always those with the biggest number of active instances?

Obviously,  it would be justified to think so. If one add-on has more users than another, it would seem to prove its usefulness and reliability. It’s logical that older add-ons have had more opportunities to be installed than the new ones.

However, this way of thinking may be misleading. Have you ever heard about the sheep’s momentum effect? It’s a psychological theory which states that people desire the same things that the majority have, even if these things are expensive and expendable. For example, when all your friends have a sports car, you want one as well. It works on almost all people. Moreover, it’s perfectly normal that people are afraid of new, unfamiliar things they haven’t used before. According to another psychological theory, people like to stay in their comfort zone. It explains why companies tend to use the same plugins all the time even if they are not really happy about them.

And so, it may well be that you needlessly spend a lot of money on  the most popular and reputable plugins, or on the ones you are simply used to.

But what if I tell you that you can have more useful, reliable, and cheaper add-ons for your Jira?

In this article I am going to introduce some of the most promising  Jira plugins.

With their help your teamwork with Jira software is going to be more economic and efficient than ever before.

What does ‘promising’ mean?

Just to be clear, it is not my intention to tell you that all new plugins are better than older and reputable ones. That would be gross overgeneralization. All I’m willing to say is that the most popular plugins don’t necessarily have to be the best choice for your particular company. The right selection depends on many factors, so when choosing the right add-on don’t rely only on the number of installations (which might simply be related to the date of the market release), but rather go for the one that is tailored to your specific needs.

Of course, there is always some risk involved in installing a new plugin. And so, before such installation there are things you should know about in order to protect your business.

The most prospective add-ons for Jira must:

  • be of high quality;
  • have very reliable support;
  • solve specific problems in an organisation;
  • bring ROI.

How to check if a plugin is noteworthy?

Even though you cannot check everything, there are some points you should take into consideration.

First of all, you should draw your attention to the company by which the plugin was created.

Atlassian offers a possibility to obtain its partner licences, called:

  • Atlassian Silver Solution Partner;
  • Atlassian Gold Solution Partner;
  • Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner.

Each company wishing to obtain Partnership status has to undergo a special training and pass difficult exams. That is why the plugins of companies awarded with at least one Atlassian licence are much more likely to meet the above conditions.

Head over here to read more about Atlassian partnerships.

The additional benefit is that Atlassian arranges various events for its Partners. They are a great opportunity for customers to meet vendors and tell them about their expectations.

I firmly believe that companies which often participate in such events are more trustworthy and treat their customers with greater respect.

Besides, as you already know, each JIRA add-on can be tried out entirely free of charge for 30 days. The opportunity to test them on your own local host is a highly recommendable treat.

Top 5 promising add-ons

  1. Insight – Asset management for Jira

This magnificent add-on has been developed by Riada, one of Atlassian Platinum Solution Partners

The plugin helps management respond faster and make better decisions. It reduces operational risk by providing dependency mapping and impact analysis. Thanks to the ‘Custom Fields’ feature you can get access to the asset structure, as well as search and filter various capabilities. Moreover, you can easily integrate the plugin with Jira Service Desk, which  is the most popular tool of this type on the market, currently used by thousands of people around the world.

Head over here to read more about Insight – Asset management for Jira.

  1. Insight Discovery

Another marvellous creation by Riada, it allows you to analyse dependencies in your enterprise network. It provides visualization that helps you make the right decisions. This plugin is an agentless network that scans multiple networks for hosts and devices. The collected data is automatically imported into the Insight CMDB and is available in Jira. Moreover, the encrypting feature guarantees safety of all processes. Head over here to read more about Insight Discovery.

  1. Configuration Manager for Jira

This great add-on created by Botron Software enables automation migration of project configuration with change and impact analysis. Configuration Manager allows you to:

  • save time;
  • improve productivity
    • the rollout of many Jira configurations from one system to another takes only a few minutes as opposed  to hours or days via manual operations
  • gain traceability;
    • the record of the whole history of changes is available;
  • gain business agility
    • rapid adjustability of the new processes (and  alterations in existing ones) allows easier and faster adaptability in the changing business environment
  • predict the results of changes.
    • The tested and approved changes on a test Jira server can be confidently rolled-out in production delivering the same results.

Head over here to read more about Configuration Manager for Jira.

  1. Queues for Jira Service Desk

This is an extraordinary add-on by Deviniti, an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner renowned for providing impeccable support and unique plugins such as Issue Templates or Extension for Jira Service Desk.

This recently created  plugin allows to manage queue visibility so that  selected queues are only seeable for teams or individual users working on particular projects.

What makes this plugin stand out is its simplicity – it’s easy to configure and operate even for non-technical people  and as such it’s capable of catering  to the needs of a vast array of  Jira users.

Currently Queues is  available on Jira Cloud. The server version is to be released soon.

Try it out by downloading from Atlassian Marketplace.

  1. Automation Tools for Jira

With this new outstanding plugin by Mahomicrop your automation rules will be managed and scoped at the JIRA project level, giving project admins the power and freedom to automate without affecting other projects.

Its user-friendly interface simplifies even the most complicated automations The actions that can be automated include:

  • adding watchers to issues;
  • editing issue fields
  • deleting attachments;
  • adding comments to issues;
  • assigning issues to commenters;
  • changing custom fields in issue editor user profiles;
  • deleting issues;
  • transitioning issues through project workflow.

And that’s not all! Read more about Automation Tools for Jira.


The Jira add-ons market is developing so quickly that it may be difficult at times to find the proper plugin.  Installing a new plugin in your Jira may come at risk to  your company, as they sometimes work conversely to what we expected.  Fortunately, there are some crucial factors which facilitate navigation between plugins, helping to select the proper and most promising ones.

With the right add-on your work with Jira will be not only more efficient, but cheaper as well.

I would like to encourage you to give the above plugins a chance. Obviously, you should be really careful before installation a new add-on. However, only when you’re trying out new innovative solutions will your business have a chance to develop.

If you think I can be of any assistance to you, or if you have any questions, don’t hesitate and contact us.


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