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Deviniti is an Atlassian Platinum Enterprise Partner
and a founding Gold Top Vendor in the Ecosystem.

<b>Over 5000 companies in 103 countries </b>are benefitting from our solutions, including <b>Fortune 500 giants like Ferrari, Sony, Cisco, Apple and Airbnb.</b>

Over 5000 companies in 103 countries are benefitting from our solutions, including Fortune 500 giants like Ferrari, Sony, Cisco, Apple and Airbnb.

Our product portfolio <b>features 17 apps for Jira Software and Jira Service Desk,</b> which have been <b>implemented successfully for over 5 million end users around the world.</b>

Our product portfolio features 17 apps for Jira Software and Jira Service Desk, which have been implemented successfully for over 5 million end users around the world.

Our apps can help you improve these areas:

Service Operations

The majority of Jira Service Desk users don’t use the capabilities of this solution to the fullest. Implementing selected apps allows to significantly improve the UX of the Customer Portal and increase the efficiency of issue creation.

Requirements & Test Management

Requirements and test management processes are key to a successful software project. A transparent structure for your requirements is important as well as an accurate way of testing them. The two processes are closely related with each other, because they focus on the quality of your product.

Agile & DevOps

Building effective teams requires conscious implementation of Agile and DevOps approaches to team management. You can achieve that much easier with the right technological solutions.

Our flagship products are:

The most wanted feature bundle to customize Jira Service Desk. Enhance your Customer Portal with dynamic forms, multilevel structures, request type security and many more.

#1 app for templating issues in Jira. Create flexible templates for iterative Epics, Stories, tasks or subtasks and customize them with variables to make your team work smarter, better and faster.

This app provides a quantum boost for Jira user experience. Display fields based on previous selection and merge them into bundles to improve performance and usability of the software.

A powerful app which brings your testing right inside your Jira. Made by testers for testers to design, build, plan, execute, automate & control the test flow.

Synchronize issues’ fields, comments and attachments with a remote Jira instance or internally. A variety of sync modes and scenarios are supported.

Document, analyze, trace, prioritize, and accept requirements right inside your Jira. Create a tree structure and use cases for your requirements, ensuring end-to-end traceability.

An enhancement of Jira Service Desk queues with cross-project support, usability and security. With this app, you get your support team’s performance to the top by saving their working time, as well as improving SLA.

This plugin enables workflow actions with transition screens on your Customer Portal to implement ITIL best practices with Jira Service Desk.

This app makes Jira connection to Active Directory bilateral. You can sync any attributes with the appropriate user profiles in Jira and perform actions on the LDAP with a dedicated post function.

This is what our customers say:

You build amazing features that every Service Desk user needs. Thank you SO MUCH for everything you do to make Jira Service Desk better!


Jonathan Franconi, Cloud Services Integrations SRE Manager, VMware

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