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A tool created to match the need for quick internal communication.
As a developer, you’ll appreciate Bamboo’s integration possibilities: easy importing from open-source tools, use of user directories and groups from Jira,
native support for GIT, Hg, SVN.

Bamboo can work with any programming language and other popular technologies, such as Maven, Ant, Mercurial. Support for Tomcat, Heroku, and Grails is available through free apps.

Main functionalities

Automatic building of applications after committing to a code repository (e.g. Bitbucket), performing automated tests, including sending results of their execution to Jira (for example, through an app like TestFLO).

Release of built applications for selected test or production environments.

Integration with other Atlassian solutions enabling advanced code review and tracking the progress of development works from requirements to release.

Ability to disperse builds through agents.

For whom?


Release managers

Automatic testers

Teams struggling with:

Lack of solutions that would allow automatic building of code from repository

No server for performing automatic tests

Lack of monitoring of task details. Need to automate code release for selected environments

Need to accelerate builds

Thanks to Bamboo’s integration with Jira, your entire team can keep track of what is happening to the project, what issues have been taken in, which problems have already been solved, which tests have passed positively or negatively, and what is the current state of the main stream (release, fix) – everything for better and faster cooperation of the entire team, not only developers.

It can work with any programming language and other popular technologies,
such as Maven, Ant, Mercurial. Support for Tomcat, Heroku and Grails is available through free add-ons.

Jira is just part of the large Atlassian ecosystem. You can easily connect Bamboo with Bitbucket, Crucible, and FishEye, so you can see what happened to a given build in a single place – who created it, how many tests passed at what time and with what effect. A single click gets you to the repository, where you can see the diffs, history, and related code.

Planning and automation.
Create separate sets of unit and integration tests. Then release them in parallel to be able to pass the results to developers faster or implement verified code. You can use up to 100 agents, and each of them can assign as many tasks as you currently need.

Create global parameters with values ​​for different repositories, variables, notifications or user permissions, and use them when planning new builds and branches. You can also use them for continuous integration if copying values ​​from the main stream when creating branches isn’t your intention.

Plan complex tasks with drag-and-drop. Create builds based on changes in the repository, by schedule, after previous build or after clicking – as you prefer. If you don’t like automatically inherited methods, manage the way builds are created for each branch separately. Modify builds and specify new parameters to eliminate errors when testing again.

Continuous integration

Don’t bother solving the problems of continuous integration (CI) with distributed version control systems (DVCS eg GIT, Mercurial). Bamboo will connect the new branches to the main CI scheme or combine two into one before the test – no problem.

If the new build tests are successful, you can set the correct package to be automatically attached to the branch or implemented for production.

Deviniti is an Atlassian Partner with Platinum and Enterprise statuses.
We also hold the Golden Top Vendor title among Atlassian partners.

If you can’t find a built-in importer for the system you’re currently using, we will help you carry out the migration process as part of the service. We have a lot of experience in this area.

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Sharing a list of occurrences and incidents with customers allows avoiding dealing with hundreds of similar support requests.

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Atlassian`s Team

+48 730 005 748
We will explain all licensing issues and prepare a favorable offer. We would like to point out that a full free version of the platform for small teams is available, allowing you to verify Atlassian's solutions in practice.

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