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A perfect solution for reducing pressure and freeing up gigabytes of space on company servers. Working in Confluence not only helps to organize project materials, but gives you exactly as much space as you need - and we all know that it’s never enough. Create a Space for the project you intend to work on and adapt it to your needs.

Since Space is a kind of table of contents, add Pages with specific ideas, tasks, notes, interactive elements, and much more.

Main features:

Full control over content availability and results returned by the search engine

Collaboration of individuals and teams in real time on tasks such as content creation, change tracking, page structure for knowledge base, work and product documentation, flexible search engine, preview of attachments added to pages.

Submitting articles to Jira Service Desk to help customers solve basic problems independently thanks to a flexible website editor.

Possibility to limit the rights of people and groups for each page – for internal and public content on one instance, nesting the content of one of the pages on the other with the preservation of rights, integration with other Atlassian tools.

For who?

For everyone - from management, through business analysts, developers and testers, to operational employees, and help desk users.

Teams that struggle with:

Planning problems, communication, implementation and reporting

Lack of intranet, knowledge base, and documentation space

Lack of knowledge base for Service Desk clients

Lack of storing requirements specifications

Sharing is fun

Create a page for the meeting you’re organizing. To invite participants, use the @mention mechanism that will immediately inform the mentioned members to look at the invitation. On the page, fill out the meeting agenda and add notes. If a colleague from another team can’t attend the meeting, it’s not a problem. You already have notes ready, so share them using the share option.

Brainstorming online? Why not!

Develop advanced content in the built-in text editor. Create a page, divide it into columns and sections, insert tables, images, links, active checklists, multimedia elements and … add @mention tags, of course.

When you’re done, share your work with the team and ask them to add their comments and corrections. Wouldn’t that be faster than sending dozens of emails or organizing a meeting? If you need to share something more than a website, simply add attachments. Keeping track of version attachments has never been this easy!

Act comprehensively
Plan and manage projects from beginning to end with Confluence. Create a page with project requirements, and - if you work with Jira - create a Jira issue in just a few clicks to support the entire project.

Be like Sherlock Holmes
Search faster and more efficiently than ever thanks to a dynamic search engine, filtering the results more accurately with each search entry. Create a company knowledge base in the form of a wiki. Employees will be grateful for it and finding information they need will be even simpler.

Deviniti is an Atlassian Partner with Platinum and Enterprise statuses.
We also hold the Golden Top Vendor title among Atlassian partners.

If you can’t find a built-in importer for the system you’re currently using, we will help you carry out the migration process as part of the service. We have a lot of experience in this area.

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Atlassian`s Team

+48 730 005 748
We will explain all licensing issues and prepare a favorable offer. We would like to point out that a full free version of the platform for small teams is available, allowing you to verify Atlassian's solutions in practice.

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