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How To Run Employees’ Motivation Assessment in New Technology-Based Firms?

Katarzyna Dorosz-Zurkowska - 16 January 2017 - 0 comments

Personally I’m a big fan of considering work motivation to be the main assessment factor of every employee. Knowledge can be transferred anytime during the whole work time, good habits can be implemented – it’s only the matter of time. But critical for organisation work efficiency is, if the person wants to work or not. It’s the hardest thing to change. Motivation is almost impossible to modify during even the best group training, so in many cases it is easier to change the employee, rather than his work motivation.

New technology based firms (NTBF) are build on professionals, who are the most important asset for each of them.

Monitoring employees’ motivation is the great way to:

  • keep best knowledge gathered inside of the company, and
  • prevent employees migration.  

That is why companies try to find the best way to run motivation assessment:

  • In a time-efficient way;
  • repeatedly – so they could compare the results in time;
  • automatically – with no use of any paper-work.

Most commonly used systems of motivation assessment

  • 4E & 1P
    • This motivation method was presented by the J. Welch ex CEO of General Electric as the best one, because it’s based entirely on the work attitude.
    • It’s a shortcut of main factors according to which each one should be assessed:
      • Energy – how much energy does a specific person has?
      • Energise – in what level does he/she energise others?
      • Edge – in what level he/she is able to put issues on edge to get the result?
      • Passion – how much passion does he/she has to do what they need to.
  • SWOT 360 degrees
    • It’s the method where each employee is described by all of his colleagues at work. By the key:
      • Strengths ,
      • Weaknesses,
      • Opportunities,
      • Threats.
    • Without automated IT solution, run on paper, this method might be HR nightmare taken for weeks.

2 steps of motivation assessment in a cost-effective way

1st step – planning

  • Choose your best motivation assessment system (you can try to implement the above mentioned , or try to implement your own – based on your specific needs).
  • Map the entire  assessment process. To make it repeatable in the future.

2nd step – conduct it and optimise

  • Before you start, be aware of the main rule: I strongly suggest you try to improve the entire  process each time you conduct it. To make it more friendly to you and employees.
  • Main problem you will face anyway: making the entire assessment process faster, sooner or later you will face the problem of implementing some IT solution. My next advice is to use Jira Software for it, because:
    • Most of the technological companies are familiar with  this software and they will use it anyway.
    • Cost of implementing this solution for HR department can be even $10 for a licence.
    • Jira can be extended with service desk solution, where employees will full-fill the survey questionnaire.
    • Jira will be far more cheaper and far more easier to adjust, than any other dedicated solution. This software will be updated (and supported if needed) by its producer (Atlassian company) anyway. Moreover, it can be easily extended  with thousands of add-ons, which is far more cheaper than asking someone to create  something especially for you.
    • Main advantage of Jira software is that it is easily adjustable for each department, and together with 8 other linked solutions it can meet all the organisational needs.
    • Atlassian provided its solutions for more than 50 0000 companies in the world, they are being used by the biggest enterprises, and micro companies. Jira is a solution worth to trust.
  • Thanks to only one click you can start the motivation assessment process and collect all the necessary data: (template of JIRA issue)

If you are willing to start assessing motivation of your employees please don’t hesitate to contact me: Deviniti is Platinium Partner of Atlassian Software. We have been implementing this solution for dedicated companies’ needs for more than 11 years in 500+ projects. Contact me and ask for an offer.


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