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How to run workflow assessment in IT teams

Katarzyna Dorosz-Zurkowska - 4 January 2017 - 0 comments

What are the main ways to run workflow assessment in IT teams and when to use each of them

  • Implement ticketing system and then adjust processes
    • One of the most popular ticketing systems, especially intended for IT teams work-flow managing, is Jira. Without even a special time investment in mapping processes it allows you to apply proper standards of work. This will definitely make your teamwork more efficient. Specific developers will no longer spend time on many things that they weren’t supposed to do. Instead of wasting their time, they can do what brings the best results for company’s profit – they can create a  software. Main advantage of implementing Jira Software is that it’s easily configured (in basic standard) and ready to run on spot. This is the most common solution used in companies, because it allows you to create work processes by configuring the software. Jira itself will ask you how do you define each work stages in your team work, and how could you make them more efficient.


  • Don’t implement any ticketing system
    • This solution is dedicated for start’ups and micro-companies, where everyone is working next to each other and the projects are not difficult, and on each step you can monitor and plan next tasks. If you don’t pay attention to the things like: creating priorities, monitoring speed of the project progress, etc. all you need is TODO list. Moreover, you are constantly observing other people’s work – by looking at their computer screen from time to time. In case you don’t want to use any dedicated IT solutions in your IT team management – really small team with really easy project is the only proper way.


  • Define processes and adjust ticketing system to your needs
    • This solution is difficult at the beginning, and intended only for the most advanced IT managers. Of course, it will bring the greatest results when you start with reflection on processes. The entire team-work efficiency is determined by the way of mutual communication – and that is obvious. So, each communication solution should be adjusted for each team separately. That is what we – as Deviniti, have been doing for more than 11 years now.
    • In the first step we try to define what kind of processes/needs does the specific team have. How to define them – and is there a chance to make them better? What is the processes maturity in the company? And only then we can bring ourselves to the second step – choosing the proper configuration of Jira and its add-ons, strictly dedicated to a team.

Moreover – How using Jira differentiate the way you rate the work of IT teams?  

  • Every aspect of each team member work is visible in JIRA – every click leaves a mark, easily tracked by a supervisor,
  • Work progress of every issue is presented in a real time on Kanban Board.
  • Planning, execution and evaluation of the whole project development are visible and run in one place (software) thanks to which monitoring of a project performance is fast and easy.

Key takeaways – if you want to assess workflows in your team

  • Each assessment method is intended for a specific needs. Especially it is determined by: size of the team, and difficulty level of the project that the team is currently running.
  • The most advanced and efficient team’s work planning contains:
      • at the very beginning, define processes and then in the second step
      • choose the proper set of solutions that will increase its efficiency.


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