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A project management support system developed since the beginning of Atlassian Jira Core is a powerful, flexible and light-to-use tool able to meet the expectations of demanding customers. Regardless of whether you plan projects, follow tasks in a marketing or finance department, or queue up the requests of your employees and clients, Jira Core is an irreplaceable tool for you.

Jira Core will be an irreplaceable tool for you thanks to its capabilities

Mean features:

A simple, intuitive system for managing the team work of each department.

Dedicated workflow templates, dashboards, reports, work time logging

The possibility of building your own forms and modeling workflow diagrams.

Design templates, an efficient search mechanism (JQL)

For whom?




Legal and other business departments

Teams that struggle with:

Lack of task management project

Lack of measurement

No monitoring of details works

Low productivity


Unlike many competitive products, Jira Core is very readable. If this is your first time using that type of tool, learning will come easily to you. If you have used alternative products, you will surely notice the difference – all interface elements are exactly where they should be.


After logging in, you will be directed to the dashboard – a kind of board, or an assistant who always provides you with up-to-date and critical information. You can configure it freely using dozens of modules to display content filtered by your preferences. One dashboard is not enough? Create a few boards for every occasion – for reporting, for a client, for your own tasks, for a team meeting. You’re the one in charge here.

Reports are not everything
A dashboard is very useful, but it’s not the method of seeing what is happening in the system. You can get a full list of entries and tasks simply by choosing the project you’re interested in from the top menu.

You’ll get a full preview of the issue queue, their status of execution, people assigned to tasks, etc.

Too much data?

There are two ways to search: quick and simple, where a few clicks give an immediate result, or more advanced, where you use Atlassian’s proprietary search system, the Jira Query Language (JQL) that allows creating more complex queries. You can save every filter you create to search for tasks in a similar way in the future in just a few clicks. But don’t worry about that too much. Business users can take full advantage of the filtering functionality using only simple and fast search.


You can save every filter you create to use it in the future with one click. Even non-technical, business users can take full advantage of the filtering functionality by using the simple and fast search.

What's next?

Different tasks often require collecting different data and performing different activities.
Jira Core allows you to freely create and modify task types (issue type), and configure data and workflow requirements for them.

If there are procedures in your company according to which tasks should be handled, why make employees remember the course of individual actions? You can set Jira Core to remember them – and users can view the workflow at any moment.

The tool’s broad configuration options allow avoiding improper operations and, above all, allow adapting the system to the individual needs of the company.

Action and reaction



You need to create three logo proposals for the client.

The graphic designer received the entry (issue), created 3 sub-tasks, worked for 2 days, all of which he recorded in the system, and added an attachment with the logo to each of the sub-tasks.



You need to create three logo proposals for the client.

Then, the client’s representatives  from several countries can chose the one they liked the most using the built-in voting function (vote). They can leave their comments directly in the issue. That way, we saved a lot of time on meetings and discussions.



You need to create three logo proposals for the client.

The graphic designer immediately introduced final corrections and re-attached the final logo to the selected issue. Then, directly from the issue, he sent an email to the customer informing them that the project was ready.

Integration and extensions

Is Jira Core not enough for your team?You can always choose from hundreds of apps available on the Atlassian Marketplace, thanks to which you can adapt the platform to your needs even better. If you can’t find an app that meets your expectations, we’re happy to help you out. Our experience is supported by the products we have created.

Another great advantage of Jira Core is that it’s easy to integrate it with other Atlassian tools,including the communicator, Hipchat, and the team collaboration tool, Confluence.

Deviniti is an Atlassian Partner with Platinum and Enterprise statuses.
We also hold the Golden Top Vendor title among Atlassian partners.

If you can’t find a built-in importer for the system you’re currently using, we will help you carry out the migration process as part of the service. We have a lot of experience in this area.

Similar products

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Jira Core

Take advantage of Jira Core for executing marketing campaigns, onboarding, permissions verification, and document creation.


Sharing a list of occurrences and incidents with customers allows avoiding dealing with hundreds of similar support requests.

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Atlassian`s Team

+48 730 005 748
We will explain all licensing issues and prepare a favorable offer. We would like to point out that a full free version of the platform for small teams is available, allowing you to verify Atlassian's solutions in practice.

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