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The product is dedicated to teams that support applications on a daily basis internal or external clients.
The general assumption of Jira Service Desk is that business employees report problems to IT staff on an ongoing basis, and those - according to the structure - solve these problems or escalate to the next IT support line. This system, based on good practices and ITIL ISO standards, works very well when it comes to response time and implementation.

Although the goal is to optimize and regulate the user-service contact, applications to handle requests thanks to their flexibility, acceptance solutions and the SLA system are also ideal for non-IT issues, as well as for customer service and company partners.

Jira Service Desk is just such a system

Main features

Service Desk software for modern IT teams.
The possibility of any extension thanks to Atlassian`s Apps.

Unlimited, free access to the portal and knowledge base for your customers, regardless of their number. Integration of teams and tools available immediately.

Smooth integration with Jira Software, thanks to which development teams can cooperate in one system with operational teams, IT – the first, second and third support lines in one, integrated system.

Simple and intuitive customer portal, SLA, real-time reporting, automation and integration with other products. For example via connection with Confluence, organizations can help their customers solve problems on their own thanks to articles that appear when they report problems.

For who?

Support departments for business users and all others, where service operations are used. For example, in the sections of complaints, human resources and administration.

Teams that struggle with:

Insufficient level of user support

Low efficiency of the support team

Lack of cooperation between teams

Lack of measurement

Intuitive interface and practical facilities

There’s probably nothing more annoying than a job you do not want to do.
Learning the ins and outs of new software is such a task, so the simpler and more intuitive it is, the better.

That’s what the user interface in Jira Service Desk is like – it’s simple, readable, without any unnecessary functions and settings as all technical matters happen behind the graphic canvas, without distracting anyone. What’s more, by properly configuring the system technically, you save time when handling each issue. You can have the SLA, the type of issue, the agent or the component be assigned automatically.

SLA made-to-measure

SLA as a contract that regulates the amount of time required for solving issues determined on the basis of the task’s urgency is a sacred metric.
That's why Atlassian placed great emphasis on the ease of its configuration.

You can create many calendars for each project where you set work days and hours, as well as exceptions to these rules. Separate time for the first reaction, conditions for solving the task, or pausing the counter while waiting for a response – all these aren’t a problem. You can configure it all in a perfectly transparent manner.

Because SLAs and task priorities are of real importance, Jira Service Desk’s JQL (Jira Query Language) filtering allows you to create very detailed job queues, depending on how the queue should look like and what it should include.

Thanks to this, both the agent and their supervisor have the opportunity
to create reviews of tasks showing exactly what they need at the moment.

They say that what can be measured can also be optimized.
Use real-time reporting features in Jira Service Desk, carry out retrospectives, and optimize team work and SLAs.

On the other hand, you can save time by offering users a handy knowledge base before they even manage to send a request. Combine the Jira Service Desk with Confluence to do that.

Thanks to that, some of the problems will be solved without your help because the newly-created application is ready to answer them in the knowledge base that will be automatically shown user when they start typing the description of their problem.
That’s some time-saving strategy!

Get yourself access to even more options for Jira Service Desk provided by Extension for Jira Service Desk
– an app created by the best of Deviniti’s developers.

What will you gain?

Among others: – hiding selected types of issues depending on the user permissions – translation of service variables – dynamic narrowing of the list of subordinate customfields, depending on the choice of parent – offering users the possibility of making transitions on issues (e.g. closing, acceptance of the solution) – extra possibilities of choosing users, flags, or customfield values.

Deviniti is an Atlassian Partner with Platinum and Enterprise statuses.
We also hold the Golden Top Vendor title among Atlassian partners.

If you can’t find a built-in importer for the system you’re currently using, we will help you carry out the migration process as part of the service. We have a lot of experience in this area.

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Sharing a list of occurrences and incidents with customers allows avoiding dealing with hundreds of similar support requests.

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Atlassian`s Team

+48 730 005 748
We will explain all licensing issues and prepare a favorable offer. We would like to point out that a full free version of the platform for small teams is available, allowing you to verify Atlassian's solutions in practice.

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