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Jira Software – #1 among the software development tools for Agile teams

Martyna Wiśnik - 9 October 2018 - 0 comments

Agile methodology has become a standard in software development companies. An increasing number of development teams are using it in their work and there is no exaggeration to say that there is the vast majority of the best teams among them, using the Agile methodology. Of course, so the teams will be able to work with it, the proper software is needed – facilitating, improving and speeding up many processes.

One of the most popular among the Agile teams tools for the software development, currently available on market, is Jira Software.

It’s worth mentioning that a few months ago Jira was transformed by Atlassian into 3 independently developed products: Jira Software – for the software development teams, Jira Service Desk – for the IT support teams and Jira Core – for managing any other kind of projects.

You might say: Jira Software is a tool designed for software development teams, but wasn’t Jira dedicated to exactly such teams from the outset? The short answer would be yes- going back to the roots, Jira was dedicated to tracking the bugs and reporting the tickets. But with the development, Jira naturally evolved itself in order to meet the needs of both: software development teams as well as teams which are just cooperating with the developers without having anything in common with the software development itself. And the more Jira was becoming a tool for the teams, not working on programing, the more obvious it became, that the new solution, meeting the needs of different teams, has to be created. That’s how Jira Software was created.

The one thing, that definitively makes Jira Software special, is a huge support for the use of the Agile methodology.

Fast and frequent software release

Jira Software is created to planning, tracking and releasing the software of the best quality. With its help the entire software development team is able to easily prepare user stories and tickets, plan the sprints and separate the tasks. Team work can be prioritized and discussed within the entire context. And when releasing the software team members are always sure that the quality of their products is the best one.

Indispensable tool for Agile teams

Regardless of whether someone is an experienced Agile expert or just the beginner in this topic, Jira Software allows to use the entire Agile capacity.

Scrum boards

Agile teams can focus on the iterative and incremental development of the product as quickly as possible, with customizable scrum boards.

Kanban boards

Flexible kanban boards provide a comprehensive insight into what will happen next, so you can continue providing maximum performance in the minimum cycle time.

Flexible planning

Scrum, kanban or mixed methodology. Extensive possibilities of planning in Jira Software allow each team to plan in a way that suits them the most.

Precise estimates

With estimates, teams are working more accurately and efficiently. User story points, hours or personal estimation technique – Jira Software supports everything.

Prioritization based on a value

Using a simple drag and drop prioritization you’re organizing user stories, tickets and bugs in your product backlog. Jira Software makes that you’re sure that the stories, which are providing the customers with the most valuable features and improvements, are always of the highest priority.

Results that support the activities

Extensive reporting features are providing the team with the full insight into the Agile process. Teams have an access to several predefined reports giving a detailed insight into the process of performing the sprints by the teams. Whereas based on data retrospectives are supporting team activities more than ever before.

Scalable evolution

If the team is growing, you can add or change the tickets types, fields and workflows. Jira Software is a tool for agile projects management, designed for any team’s type and size.

Workflow – predefined or personally created

Each team has its own unique process of software release. Therefore, you can use in Jira Software one of the many predefined workflow patterns or create your own ones, which will perfectly suit your team work method.

Integration with other tools

You can upgrade your workflow through the integration with the HipChat, Bamboo, Confluence, Bitbucket and many other tools supporting the developers work. Your team may be informed about everything up to date, thanks to the notifications provided directly to the HipChat rooms. Bamboo makes it possible to support your continuous integration process and monitor the builds statuses without leaving Jira Software. One click is enough to convert the product requirements in Confluence into the JIRA Software backlog. And when the code is committed in Bitbucket, Jira Software automatically updates the ticket.

Additionally there are more than 1000 plugins that can be connected to Jira Software, available on Atlassian Marketplace. Among them there are add-on created by Deviniti: TestFLO for Jira supporting the Test Management process, Issue Templates for Jira – perfect for creating tickets from templates or  Dynamic Forms, which allows to create the dynamic forms.

Please let us know in case you’re interested in Jira Software.


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