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Jira – The Best Tool for Agile Teams

Lukasz Dzbik - 7 September 2017 - 0 comments

Agile and Jira – these words are used very often in the IT industry . But what do they mean exactly and why are they so important? In this article, I am going to explain what they are and what they have in common.

In order to grasp the topic properly,  you need to first become familiar with Agile and Jira.

Agile is not a mere methodology; it’s something much bigger. It’s a set of values and principles that help IT companies produce software more efficiently. Head over here to find out more.

Jira is an issue and project tracking application produced by Atlassian, today used by many software teams worldwide. Click here to learn more about Jira.

Why is Jira Agile?

Undeniably, Jira allows to produce software in an agile way. Curious why?

  • User Stories

There is a special place where users can write user stories inside Jira. This is a basic Agile feature that helps to improve software development more efficiently. Thanks to Jira, your user stories will be always up to date and you will never overlook them.

  • Sprints

Software development processes in the Agile approach are carried out in 2-4 week-long sprints. Thanks to Jira, you can  plan your sprints easily (directly inside Jira) and choose the specific user stories to develop in a given sprint.

  • Kanban Boards

Kanban boards are very popular in Agile because they make the entire work clearer. You can see which tasks are in the backlog, or to do sections, and what your team is currently working on – and what has already been done. This very simple approach is very useful and you can also find it in Jira.

  • Service operations – Jira Service Desk

This part of Jira allows to interact with your customers easily , as they just can report an issue that will land in a specific project in your Jira. Thanks to Jira Service Desk and its Customer Portal, you will always know what are the needs, problems and expectations of your customers. Satisfying customers needs is one of the most important values in the Agile approach.

  • Comments and notifications

Proper communication is one of the most important elements of Agile. We all know that it’s better speak face to face, however, sometimes it’s just impossible. Jira allows teams to communicate easily thanks to comments and notifications

  • Simplicity

If you know basic Agile principles, you are also aware that the main rule of Agile is not to complicate your work. Most Jira users are able to use it intuitively without any specific training. Drag and drop features and intuitive panels are exactly that what an Agile team needs.

  • Cooperation

Many years ago, back when Agile wasn’t so popular, companies experienced a huge problem in cooperation between software developers and non-technical teams such as salesmen and marketers.

Thanks to Agile, that is changing and nowadays this cooperation is more efficient. Jira allows both technical and non technical teams to create many different projects. Moreover, they can easily explore and view all of projects and issues.

  • Responding to changes

IT market is changing rapidly. To stand still is to move back; every application needs to develop constantly to reach more users and customers. Jira orders issues, projects, comments and customer feedback in a very clear and efficient way – thanks to this feature, you can focus on developing your software and not such trivial issues.

  • Flexibility

Jira market is huge and it’s developing in extremely fast pace. Today,the Atlassian Marketplace counts over 2200 available Jira apps that can extend its functionalities. You can be sure that there are plenty of features you need and many many more than you’d imagine. Jira itself is very powerful, but the Atlassian Marketplace makes it limitless.


Agile and Jira are words that will stand side by side for a long time. If you’re not working in accordance with the Agile approach already, you can be sure that it’s worth a try. If you’re already using Agile, you should have a look at Jira.

  • Would you like to make your team more Agile?
  • Does Jira seem interesting to you?
  • Would you like to find out more about Jira’s potential?
  • Or simply try Jira out?

Don’t hesitate and contact me or any my colleagues, we’d be happy to help you out.


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