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Project management in teams outside IT industry – Jira Core by Atlassian

Martyna Wiśnik - 9 October 2018 - 0 comments

As I’ve already mentioned in my article: ‘Jira Software – #1 among software development tools for Agile teams’, a few months ago Jira was reconstructed and 3 independently developed products were created: Jira Software for the software development teams, Jira Service Desk for the service desk support and Jira Core – the tools for the project management for teams outside IT industry.

Why Jira Core was created?

After several years of software development Atlassian has discovered that about one-third of its clients are using Jira projects not related to IT. HR, Marketing, Legal or Financial teams not only use Jira but also adjust its functionalities to be able to make their work as efficient as possible. So why business teams should use the product, which was created for software development teams, since there is possibility to use the tool, designed specifically for them? That is exactly what Atlassian company thought and that’s why Jira Core was created.

For every team and any project

With Jira Core every team has well-organized way to plan, track and report on any business project.

Marketing teams

Atlassian tool is perfect for marketing teams. It’s ideal for content management, and thus for managing the review cycles  before its publication and for keeping track of all the content in one place – from blog articles to brochures. This tool also allows to efficiently manage the websites thanks to the ability to easily work with other team members.

HR teams

Jira Core equally effectively can be used in HR teams. It allows to stay on track when it comes to the process of interviewing candidates for the positions and hiring new employees. Tracking and managing the entire process (from “Received CV” till “Employed”) has never been so easy. Each step is being recorded, including the detailed information about the candidates, their documents and feedback.

Financial teams

Jira Core helps in monitoring the purchasing and procurement. Thanks to it it’s far easier to fit in the specified budget and review all the purchases. The most cost-effective decisions are being made when planning and analyzing the purchases, contracts with suppliers and the entire inventory using Jira Core.

Legal teams

There is nothing in a way of using Jira Core for the management of changes and legal documentation approvals. This tool allows reviewing contracts, regulations, privacy policy and copyright before they are signed, approved and available. With Jira Core everything is monitored, organized and under the control.

Ready template for start

The team does not have to waste its precious time and is able to start working in Jira Core immediately after the installation – just by using one of the predefined templates. They are a great starting point especially that they can be customized to the work of the team:

    • Tasks Management allows to keep track of simple tasks,
    • Project Management is organizing the large-scale projects, such as training programs for employees,
    • Process Management makes it possible to manage the repetitive tasks such as new employees hiring or requirements approval.

Customize Jira Core to your needs

After customizing by the team of its individual stages to the way it works, all team members will follow the path from “Open” till “Done”. Quickly, efficiently, without unnecessary wasting of time.

View of the project data

Jira Core is a central repository for all project information. This allows team members to be well informed and to be able to check at any time how are things going, and what has already been done in a specific project. You can see the summary of each project progress, its status, comments, links to the relevant websites and other resources.

Easy communication of team members

The days of one-sentence emails are long gone. @mentions makes it possible to notify other team members in case of having questions or if there’s a need to clarify some issue details. There is also a possibility to use comments, so that opinions and decisions would be always attached to the project and there would be no need to worry about who else should be added to the email copy.

Progress monitoring

Jira Core offers projects and dashboards, which are making easier the progress monitoring. A wide selection of build-in reports helps to evaluate different project aspects. And the dashboard includes the comprehensive overview of the project status, which the team is working on -including the tasks to do, the progress of individual team members and much more. The default dashboard provides a simple overview of the project status, but there is nothing in a way to suit it to your team needs, in order to provide more detailed information. You can, for example, have a calendar that displays the number of tasks to do within a month or a pie chart showing what kind of tasks the team solves the most often.

Jira Core is a kind of tool, which would perfectly suit each team and every type of project. You should definitively try it, and in case of any questions we are staying at your disposal.


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