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Testing in Jira? Here’s Why It’s a Good Idea

Boguslaw Osuch - 14 December 2017 - 0 comments

People usually consider Jira as a team management software, but it can actually serve as a productive testing tool as well.

While Jira is not a specialized testing solution, it is an incredibly integrated platform where all the projects, users, and workflows are managed in a single place. Instead of storing requirements in doc files, test and defect tracking in a test management tool, and project schedules and project management platform, testing teams can keep all that data in a single place. And that’s a huge advantage.

Here are other essential benefits of Jira as a test management tool.

It’s cost-effective

Given its range of functionalities, Jira offers a cost-effective entry to its platform. It starts at just $10 per month for 10 users. Compare that to any tool specialized in testing and you’re bound to see that choosing Jira for your test management makes sense.

And most of the time, testing tools force teams to manage their projects, team members and workflows with other tools. Jira offers a comprehensive coverage of these needs and is easy to configure – you can get it up and running in a matter of minutes.

It’s a workflow-powered tool

Test management relies on well-designed and flexible workflows. Jira offers powerful workflow functionalities, ensuring that all workflows are fully customizable to match the needs of different teams across various projects across an organization.

You get top traceability

Storing all your tests and requirements in Jira and the integrated platform Confluence, you will create traceability that is far more sophisticated than simple test-requirement mapping. And the best thing is that all the information will be stored on a single platform for your teams to easily access and use.

It’s an environment most teams know

Jira offers a rich range of functionalities on a user-friendly interface. If your teams are already using Jira for other tasks, it makes sense to adapt the tool to cover test management as well. You can be sure that your team knows how to make the most of Jira, so there’s no need to invest in any extra training.

Jira is used by 80% of Fortune 100 companies, so you won’t be introducing a new tool, but benefit from one that is already deeply integrated in team workflows across the organization.

It promotes greater integration of processes

And that’s what makes Jira so effective. Since everything can be tied together on a single

platform, from project management and reporting to getting feedback and writing requirements, your team will benefit from this continuous integration in designing and executing test, managing code repositories, and simply getting more tasks done in a shorter time.

Benefit from test management add-ons

If Jira’s basic functionalities are not enough for your test team, you can try one of the many add-ons that are available on the Atlassian Marketplace written specifically to help teams manage testing.

You can choose from over 2200 add-ons that can fill any gap in functionality and offer your team the features it needs.

TestFLO – Implementing Testing in Jira

One of such apps is TestFLO, a fully-customizable test management solution for building end-to-end test processes in Jira. The app allows to implement different testing processes in various areas across an organization. It also comes in handy as your test processes change.

With TestFLO, your team will be able to test directly inside Jira. Create Test Plans with Test Cases describing individual Steps. All that’s left is linking defects or requirements to Test Cases.

After installing and configuring the app, users can get Test Cases from TestLink or CSV files and import their test execution results to their Test Cases automatically. All results are saved as Jira issues with pass/fail information. The plugin also supports JUnit XML and Selenium.

TestFLO will work for any organization that needs a highly-customizable tool to accompany its complex test processes.

Would you like to learn more about TestFLO in Jira-driven test management? Have a look at these resources:

Jira for Testing?

Jira is not a dedicated test management tool, but it deals with workflows and data organization that build the foundation of test management. That’s why Jira can be transformed into such a productive for creating and executing tests (and more).

Using a single platform for project management, as well as development, testing, and requirements management is a smart move.

To make Jira even more efficient, testers should invest in a Jira app that offers extra features that are essential to test development.

TestFLO’s high level of integration with Jira allows the tool’s incredible flexibility in designing test processes and offers test managers full customization options for transforming their Jira instance into a powerful test management tool.

Have you got any questions about test management in Jira? Leave a comment or drop me a line at, I’m always happy to help organization make the most of their Jira instances for testing.

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