Templates for Test Cases

Create Test Plan in up to 2 minutes using predefined Test Cases. Save your time and convert Test Case to Template and use again later.

The template includes all the necessary steps to be taken.

Tests in IT are provided for the majority  new products or features. However, many scenarios, single test cases or smaller test case sets are repetitive. Sometimes it happens that even a single Test Case contains a lot of test steps – 20, 30, even 100 or 200. Hence  a simple, effective and rapid method  to create them is required.  Templates for Test Cases provided by TestFLO (by Deviniti) are a possible solution to this issue.

It allows your own reusable Test Repository to be built within the Jira project or in another project, which provides better clarity and user permission control.

How doas Templates for Test Cases works?

Test Case Template (TCT) is a construction based on a regular issue type, but enriched in fields that are used in Test Cases, such as Steps and estimations (excluding test steps statuses, which cannot be predefined).  Once you define it and create an TCT, you can reuse it as many times as you wish in numerous Test Plans – simply complete the non-repeatable field and within 2 minutes the new Test Case is ready to be executed.

Templates for Test Cases got one more feature that might be useful for you

Every Test Case created from  Test Case Templates is linked  with it. That gives you the possibility to update a single TCs value on its view issue screen, when a parent TCTs values are changed. On the other side – use Update Test Cases option on the Test Plan level to update all the Test Cases underneath, with values that in the meantime were changed on the original Test Case Templates that the sub-tasks come from.  So there is no need to multiply the Templates or Test Plans and Test Cases every time you need to make a change. You will definitely find it useful when it comes to making  regression tests after for example environment changes (fields that are to be updated are defined by an JQL filter of your choice, preventing you from overwriting important information).

You can update a current Test Plan with some new Test Cases, selecting the proper operation from the TCT level. In addition the Test Case Template can be linked with the Requirement (or create an TCT out of a Requirement), so later you can see whether those two are dependent or not – if so, the Test Case created from the TCT is also associated with the Requirement.

Templates for Test Cases saves your time and work on many levels. If you’d like to test TestFLO yourself, take a free 30-day trial from the Atlassian Marketplace. You can also read more on bringing test management process inside Jira on our blog: 

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