8 questions you must ask to find a good Flutter app development company

When you want to quickly move your business into the digital world, you need a proper app. Thanks to Google’s software development kit called Flutter, you can get a fully functional app for all operating systems. Flutter apps allow you to reduce time to market as well as costs. Nevertheless, you need a good developer to create and take care of your solution. In this article, we will show you how to find a good Flutter app development company by asking 8 crucial questions and getting the right answers.

Why Flutter?

When you don’t have the technical knowledge or internal resources to create your app, you need a good software developer. They might offer you various options depending on your expectations. But when you are looking for an app to test your market or one for quick release, then a Flutter app is your best choice. Why should you resort to app development using Flutter in particular? We’re happy to explain.

What is Flutter?

As we mentioned, Flutter is a Software Development Kit issued by Google. It allows for creating apps for Android and iOS using a single codebase so that they are instantly available for both operating systems. What is more, when you make a mobile app using Flutter, it is usually uncomplex and lightweight. Thanks to this, you can easily recompile, update them, or rework your app in any other way. The icing on the cake is that such an app is beautiful and has a native app feel due to versatile Flutter widgets that form the entire solution.

What are the Flutter benefits?

Thanks to Flutter, you can get a Minimum Viable Product that will test your proof of concept. An MVP-type app development using Flutter takes only a few weeks and is relatively cheap. Not to mention availability on all mobile operating systems – this automatically means that making apps with Flutter costs less. In addition, you can reach a wider audience very soon, check your ideas, or optimize your business. You might even start making money with your new Flutter mobile app. In short, your solution will be scalable, safe, and highly efficient. It will bring profits to your business and allow it to expand.

Flutter is a strongly developing technology with rapidly growing communities and an increasing number of companies specializing in it. You can see its rising popularity in the graph. This cross-platform app development framework will help you adhere to current mobile app trends and minimize code debt. If you would like to have a Flutter app as well, look at the key points worth considering to find a good Flutter app developer.

What must you ask about to find a good Flutter app development company?

This might be obvious, but you should start by asking questions about your own company. The first one is: “What are my needs and budget?” Even if you don’t know how your needs will be met or at what cost, you should at least have a rough plan. Otherwise, you might overuse your resources or unknowingly reject lucrative offers.

The next essential question is: “How much time can I devote to this?”. Even if you are commissioning the work to a Flutter mobile app development company, you will have to actively participate in the app creation process. If you neglect this part, you might not get the desired result. Once you have analyzed your situation, shift your focus to the software house. It’s time to ask THEM some serious questions. Look at the list below to learn your questions and desirable answers.

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You can stay here and read on or check out our Flutter development services. We’ll be happy to answer all your questions and tell you everything you need to know. The choice is yours!

1. “What can you tell me about your Flutter development company?”

Flutter app development companies come in different shapes and sizes. Some software houses can show off a dazzling office downtown and a headcount of a few hundred people. Others may have around a dozen employees and operate fully remotely. Your task is to discover which company fits you best for several reasons.

Firstly, ask about the company’s references in general. They should be able to demonstrate at least a few successful projects. Some software houses have hundreds, but this number might not be crucial for you, especially when you operate in a market niche. What matters here is the software house’s reliabilityaccessibility, and deliverability. You must know that the Flutter development company won’t let you down and is easy to reach.

Secondly, it’s best to analyze the company’s size and market situation. You can ask your software developer directly and/or use websites such as Clutch.co. You might want to investigate them via an official company registry from their country of origin as well. Avoid companies with an unstable standing like those that have filed for bankruptcy. When it comes to size, don’t get involved with small companies when you want to complete a larger project and vice versa.

Thirdly, ask your Flutter app development firm about their clients. Back up the question with your research using the aforesaid tools. Aim for companies that have clients similar in terms of size or sector to your own company. It’s also good when the software house has completed a variety of projects for many different firms (start-ups, corporations, etc.) in their portfolio. It means they are flexible and can easily adapt to unique needs.

Desirable answer

The best choice is a stable software developer with clients like your own company as well as various other clients. The software house’s years of experience matter only when you have quite a generic project. Otherwise, you might have to go for a firm with a shorter lifespan, but more niche work done. The same applies to the company’s size – it should match your project size. Some say that bigger is better but remember that bigger is sometimes more expensive. Try to balance these factors with the Flutter app development cost you are ready to bear.

2. “Have you done any similar Flutter app projects?”

Although apps often seem to differ, some of their structures or elements can be nearly the same. Especially when these apps are meant for the same purpose. You might even identify some solutions on the market that might be an inspiration for your own. That’s why your next job is to find a Flutter mobile app development company that has dealt with similar projects before.

If the software house has some relevant experience, they will know what solutions to offer to meet your needs. They even might think of some better ideas to improve your app strategy. The best part is that if they are experienced, it will take them less time and resources to complete the project. And you, in turn, might have to pay less for the final product.

An image of Deviniti's Flutter apps
Deviniti’s Flutter app examples. Source

The situation is different when the developer isn’t so competent in terms of such projects or fields. You will have to spend a lot of time and resources to educate them. That might affect the overall cost of your app development using Flutter. And most of all, ask yourself whether you can trust someone without proper experience. This might work when you are short on cash and receive a particularly competitive offer. Nevertheless, we can’t guarantee you will be happy with the result.

Desirable answer

What you want to hear is that the company has had projects like yours before. If you want an e-commerce app, find a software house with a portfolio of nicely done e-commerce apps. It’s even better when they have created an application for a company from your sector. That might have given them the right insight. Ask some general questions to confirm their knowledge of your field. And make sure that your Flutter mobile app doesn’t look or work exactly like the one from your competitor. A skilled software developer should be able to offer the best solutions on their own.

Remember to double-check everything the company tells you. Run a background check and try to find references and client feedback from external sources such as Clutch.co. If you have more time, you can examine other review portals. Find quite an extensive list here. Make sure that the selected company has a good reputation and mostly positive feedback.

3. “What frameworks will you use for my Flutter app?”

Flutter itself is often called a framework (although Google prefers the term “software development kit”). However, you can use it to create specific frameworks for applications. Flutter frameworks are like the basic structural components – they are the bones of the app. You can view some framework examples published by a GitHub user nicknamed Solido. Frameworks allow creating the app from ready-made building blocks instead of writing it from scratch. As a result, your application can be finished sooner and with less effort, thus generating lower Flutter app development costs.

A quotation by Bartłomiej Słabosz, Mobile Developer at Deviniti: "We apply the most popular and proven solutions, not only libraries like Google Firebase, GetIt, or bloc but also highly valued software development practices. These include dependency injection, continuous integration, continuous delivery, design patterns, or known sorting and data-browsing algorithms. Each project is conducted with carefully selected tools in terms of Flutter itself as well as supporting services, namely the backend. We apply only optimal solutions and efficient databases. All these efforts result in a top-quality product that is easy to maintain and upgrade in the future."

Inquire your Flutter mobile app development company about its available frameworks. The lack of frameworks on their side might be a warning sign about their work experience. The software house should have a portfolio of frameworks coming from other companies’ apps. They might incorporate some components from other apps into your solution without affecting its originality. Afterward, learn how they are planning to develop these frameworks with Flutter.

Desirable answer

The software house of your choice should have some frameworks in place and a reasonable plan to apply them. In an ideal scenario, they will have a framework that has been already used in a similar app and proven successful. You can also do some background checking and explore the app on your own if it’s available for free and for the public. Additionally, make sure that the framework doesn’t violate any intellectual property rights. The last thing you need for your app launch is a lawsuit.

4. “What can you tell me about your Flutter app development team?”

This seems like a cliché, but it’s worth reminding that projects are completed by people, not companies. This is particularly important for software development. Good developers are getting difficult to find, especially Flutter developers. And you would like to be certain that your application will be made only by professionals.

For the reason stated above, you should learn about the software developers and other talents involved in creating your application. Ask about their experience, focusing on similar Flutter mobile apps they have developed. You can also request their portfolios, resumes, or other proof of their skills. You can additionally look them up on professional network websites like LinkedIn to confirm the truthfulness of the received information.

Deviniti's badges related to Flutter app development
Deviniti’s Flutter-related badges. Source

Another factor that you should investigate is the developers’ employment period within the company. If they haven’t worked there for a long while or frequently change jobs, they might not work best for your project. Find a software house with a loyal team that is devoted to its work. In this way, you can rest assured that your app will be completed with the utmost diligence.

Desirable answer

You are looking for Flutter app developers who are experienced in your sector and can boast of a good reputation. The best situation is when they have received personal reviews or feedback from their companies’ clients. It’s also good if they have been cooperating with your selected software house for a while. This means that they will be highly efficient at work, so you can rest assured about the success of your app’s development.

5. “Why is app development using Flutter the best choice for me?”

Flutter might be a very advantageous technology, but is it the right choice for you? There are many development options, starting from deciding between cross-platform app development and native app development. Which framework can be used to develop cross platform-application? How do you know that creating a mobile app using Flutter will be good for your project? A skilled software house should be able to provide you with a plausible explanation.

A quotation by Kamil ZajÄ…c, Senior Mobile Developer at Deviniti: "Cross-platform mobile apps come at a lower cost in comparison to native solutions. Flutter apps can be created with smaller teams and in shorter timespans. This is particularly important when creating and releasing an MVP. The Flutter framework along with Dart and an increasing number of extensions provide a solid base for developing beautiful solutions. Maintenance and further development of such solutions are quite easy, especially when you consider entering new platforms and reaching new users."

If you are still uncertain, ask for proof of why Flutter app development is the best option for your project. You should receive proper comparisons or benchmarks. Then you can analyze various technologies, learn about their pros and cons, and consider features such as the ease and speed of implementation vs. your desired result, etc. Take all factors into account before making the final decision.

“A picture is worth a thousand words” – this saying might bring a lot here. Instead of just getting arguments, request a project sample from your software house. Perhaps they can provide you with a particular screen view or a mock-up to demonstrate the efficiency of Flutter. Afterward, you can quickly decide if Flutter is the right solution for your app.

Desirable answer

You can become convinced when the company provides you with sufficient comparative analyses, research, or customer surveys confirming Flutter’s benefits for your app. It’s even better when you get a sample showing you what your app might look like. However, beware of the responses of companies that deal primarily with Flutter. They can tell you whatever you want to hear to get your business. You might not be satisfied with the outcome though.

6. “What Flutter version will you use for the app?”

As you know, Flutter is a young technology, and Google is constantly improving it. It has already had quite a few releases, and new versions are regularly introduced. Although some versions are available for use, they are still in the experimental phase. This means the latest version is not always the best one. What you should be looking for is the latest stable version.

Talk with your selected Flutter app development firm about the Flutter version they are planning to apply. Make sure it is the latest stable version or a version close to that. You don’t want your app to become someone’s developmental field test! Don’t forget to ask about the stabilitysecurity, and efficiency features that the given release has to offer.

Desirable answer

What you want to hear is that your software house will use a new or at least quite new stable version of the Flutter framework. This version should ensure that your app will always run smoothly and won’t crash out of the blue. It must also protect against all security breaches. Note down what your developer has told you about the Flutter version and compare it with the Flutter website to double-check.

A table with extra services offered by the Flutter app development company. Extra pre-release services: Business analysis, X/UI design, Project management, Testing, Quality assurance
Extra pre-release services: Support and maintenance, App upgrades, Software integrations, Cloud hosting.

7. “What do you offer outside regular Flutter app development services?”

One of the key characteristics sought by companies is comprehensiveness. They need more than a basic Flutter app development service. As a businessman, you probably don’t want to worry about technicalities or look for hundreds of vendors. You require a trustworthy partner that will help you with everything to get your app up and running. Consider the following when looking for such a partner.

Firstly, ask about the functional as well as non-functional requirements related to your Flutter app development project. A good software house should take care of not only the former but the latter as well. They should take your application’s securityefficiency, and scalability into account. What is more, they need to deliver a high degree of quality regarding the final product. This can be done through multiple tests that will provide your app with proper stability.

Secondly, ask about more user-related services your software house offers during development. Coding often isn’t enough, you might want to engage other talents like software analystsUX designers, or manual testers to take care of your mobile app design. They will make sure that your app not only works but it is also pleasant for users and doesn’t fail them in any way.

Desirable answer

What you might want most is a software house that provides all necessary services and makes your application work as intended at the time of its release. They must ensure that your app is stablenice to use, and fulfills its role in the best way possible. Not to mention that these services should be affordable and without any payments outside the established Flutter app development costs.

8. “Do you provide any post-release services for Flutter mobile apps?”

Systems keep evolving, and you must stay on top of that. Once your app is out on the market, it still needs post-release app services such as supportupgradesmaintenancebug fixing, etc. Otherwise, your clients eventually won’t be able to use the app anymore. This is possibly the worst-case scenario, so explore the points below to make sure your solution stays functional.

A quotation by Łukasz Czerwiński, Head of Applications Development Business Unit at Deviniti: "Depending on the signed contract, we can support an already released app in different timeframes. Of course, we offer further development of the product. We always aid our clients during implementation. Our goal is to deliver a high-quality product. This means that our role doesn’t end with writing the last line of code. We provide comprehensive support, from the app idea to establishing the solution’s presence in app stores. That’s why we help our clients with specifying their needs through sessions with analysts. Then we create the product, assist with placing it in selected app stores and monitor the implementation as well as post-implementation statistics."

Ask your Flutter app development firm about additional services after the app release. If they offer such options, you need to follow up with more questions:

  • “Do you offer them as part of the development contract or separately?”
  • “If separately, how much do these services related to Flutter cost?”
  • “How are you planning to support and upgrade my app?”

Make sure you receive thorough answers. Your app compatibility with the OSs depends entirely on the received support. It’s better to take care of this matter in advance.

Desirable answer

A preferable option is when your software house offers contractual services such as support, maintenance, or ensuring security and stability. For instance, sometimes they have a dedicated mobile app maintenance plan. They could also upgrade your app to the newest OS versions. Even if such services aren’t a part of the contract, it’s still good to have them provided by the same company that made the app. Ask them how much each service related to Flutter costs and compare prices with competitive offers. Finally, discuss the method of delivering such services. They should be performed with little to no app downtime and without complications.

Are you ready to find the best Flutter app developer?

We have provided you with all the necessary questions you need to ask to find a good Flutter app developer. Some questions might be difficult to ask or get answered. You can always support your interview with your research from review websites and governmental registries. Make sure that you have learned much and dispelled all your doubts before you move on.

Remember that some conditions presumed by these questions are difficult to meet when you operate on a limited budget or have unique requirements. Always ask for relevant proof or at least a second opinion prior to acting. If you hire the wrong company, receive an unstable app version, or lack further support, your entire app strategy might crumble.

On the plus side, when you demonstrate inquisitiveness and sufficient knowledge, you might establish better cooperation with the chosen software house. They can discuss your app in more detail and offer more advanced solutions. Thanks to this, your future app might surpass your expectations and amaze your clients. Try to get as much data as possible and don’t be afraid to request clarification or examples. Your understanding of the situation and interest in the Flutter app development process will result in an app that will fulfill your business goals.

In our next article, we will present the additional benefits of creating a mobile app using Flutter. As an experienced Flutter development company with many various projects in our portfolio, we will be more than happy to share our findings. Stay tuned for more updates from the Flutter universe!

Discover the real-life benefits of Flutter apps

Learn how building apps in Flutter brings you benefits at every development stage. Creating a mobile application for your business can be fast and cost-efficient! And we have world-famous as well as our own examples to prove it! Find out all the best things about Flutter in our next article!

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