7 resources for Atlassian best practices

Have you just started working with Atlassian tools? To make sure that you’re using the Atlassian product suite to the fullest, you can take advantage of ample resources available online and offline.

In this article, I line up some of the best resources for learning more about Atlassian best practices and features to help you use tools like Jira Software and Confluence in a way that provides maximum value to your organization.

This is a section in the Jira Software Knowledge Base that includes plenty of articles based on the most commonly asked questions about Jira Software best practices, usage, and features. In particular, you will find information about Jira’s functionality areas that apply both to administrators and users. Moreover, you will get detailed admin and configuration guidance, a list of suggested apps available on the Atlassian Marketplace, and customization options to help Jira match the needs of your teams. That’s one of the resources we recommend to our clients who are beginning to work with Jira and need a reliable source of information about this tool.

This is a section of the Confluence Knowledge Base that includes articles about the usage, features, and best practices related to another Atlassian tool, Confluence. You will find information about admin permission levels, integration with third-party tools, managing existing documents and attachments, and translating Confluence page content. It’s an excellent resource for teams that are only beginning their work with this enterprise wiki platform.

This book is geared at all those who need help in adapting Jira to their organization processes in the best possible ways. Jira 7 Administration Cookbook covers all the significant features that provide teams with enhanced visibility and customization of Jira that meets their needs. The book is well-structured: you will be working through different tasks at the server level and then delving deep into adapting Jira to your organization’s needs, starting with setting up customized forms to capturing critical data in custom fields. This book includes plenty of tips and tricks that help administrators configure their Jira instance efficiently.

Another excellent book is Practical Jira Administration. Setting up and managing Jira can sometimes be tricky and this concise book helps to clarify some of the most confusing aspects of Jira by answering difficult and frequently asked questions about its administration. It’s a practical guide that shows you how Jira was intended to be used – a perfect companion for the documentation available online. The book is structured in a way that allows getting the information you need quickly as chapters are loosely connected. You will find sections that discuss the differences between Jira groups, show you how to you adopt a consistent configuration approach, create a workflow from scratch, or add and modify users.

5. Best Practices & Trends @ Atlassian.com  

This section of Atlassian’s website is called IT unplugged, and one of the sections it covers is Best practices and trends. It goes without saying that Atlassian is an excellent example of an organization that takes full advantage of technology to create innovation. The great thing about this site that Atlassian often shares insight about best practices that led it to become one of the most innovative software companies in the world. It’s an excellent resource if you’re using Atlassian tools such as Jira Software, Confluence, and Jira Service Desk. It includes many practical use cases and case studies that show how to take full advantage of these tools.

Another excellent resource for all users of Atlassian tools is Atlassian’s blog where the company’s staff shares insights and news about the tools. You will find its contents divided into different topics such as teamwork, enterprise, Jira Software, Confluence, agile, and many others. If you want to learn more about a particular product like Statuspage are Bitbucket, all it takes is choosing that tag, and you’ll see all the blog posts relevant to the topic you’d like to explore further.

7. Atlassian Partners

Finally, if you have any questions about the Atlassian product suite, it’s a good idea to get in touch with one of the recognized Atlassian partners. Make sure to choose a verified partner who holds a high status such as Platinum and specializes in your type of organization. For instance, Deviniti was the first company in Poland that gained both the Atlassian Platinum partner title and Enterprise status.

Atlassian certifies its partners for excellence so you can be sure that these badges testify to the expertise and professionalism of partners who can provide you with all the knowledge you need to make the most of Atlassian tools.

I hope these resources help you in learning more about Atlassian’s tools and configuring them in a way to make your organization benefit from the investment.

If you have any questions about the configuration or administration of these tools, reach out to me at katarzyna.dorosz@deviniti.com; I help companies use Atlassian tools to the fullest.

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