Benefits from neoLegal implementation

Deviniti has got a lot of experience when it comes to the implementation of processes and information flow management software in business organizations. We are also a platinum partner of Atlassian, and we create our apps and extensions to Atlassian systems such as Jira.

Advantages of implementing the neoLegal legal management system

The Deviniti portfolio of proprietary solutions is focused on the development of products supporting the management of legal systems in many industries. Our software solutions such as neoLEGAL offer an intuitive interface and allows for comprehensive management of cases, projects, and processes.

A screenshot of the neoLegal Accounts tab

neoLegal – accountings

Thanks to its unique functionality, it collects all the necessary information about cases and clients in one place and gives the possibility of arranging the employee structure. The neoLegal system sets the priority for a case, plans the optimal time for the task, and reminds about deadlines.

What does a law firm or a law department gain by implementing such solutions?

The implementation of such software limits the number of administrative tasks and helps employees save a lot of time. The preparation of reports and statistics takes only 4% of the time it takes for legal departments without a legal service management system.

The tool also reduces the time required for financial settlements by almost 40%. As a result of the implementation, law firms see reductions in the number of dedicated working hours by 90%.

Thanks to neoLegal, the average amount of time required to prepare documentation is more than 30% lower, and employee productivity rises by almost 70%. Immediate access to operational and management information is difficult to value.

Process optimization in legal departments

Proper organization of work in a law firm or legal department is a viable option. Thanks to process optimization, partners can quickly find out the stage of individual issues, control the dates and content of relevant documents, or gain insight into the accounts and work of colleagues.

Get in touch with us if you’d like to learn more about Deviniti solutions for lawyers and law firms as part of the legal service management system, other useful functions of neoLegal and other services related to the anonymization of customer data. In case of any other additional questions – feel free to contact us.