How to speed up Jira performance with bundled custom fields

Working with Jira Software issues or Jira Service Management requests, often there is a situation when you need to provide small chunks of information as parts of a greater whole. Then you have to create a massive amount of custom fields to store this information and keep it structured, which can slow down the software significantly. Fortunately, this won’t be the case anymore if you upgrade your Dynamic Forms for Jira or Extension for Jira Service Management to the latest version. We proudly present Bundled Fields, which allow you to store multiple pieces of information in a single custom field! It is then displayed on screens as an additional form, which you can update at any moment. In this article, we‘ll explain when and how to use the new feature.

First look at Bundled Fields

Custom fields in Jira Service Management

If someone purchases a laptop from you on behalf of their company, they need to provide two addresses in the request: for shipping and for billing. These two do not always match in case of a big organization, and also you may often store different parts of customers’ addresses in different fields to search through the database faster. This is where Bundled Fields – a feature available in Extension for Jira Service Management – come in handy. Instead of having a separate custom fields for every city, street, zip code or whatever, you can bundle them all as a whole. To customize the fields’ display further, you can set up the Show Label option or change fields’ size and location.

Custom fields in Jira Service Management, ticket screen view: Order a laptop. With Bundled Fields feature in Extension for Jira Service Desk we can bundle some information to make request view clearer.

Bundled Fields can be also useful within your organization. Let’s say, you work in technical support and receive bug reports from different departments. Your colleagues want to report an issue related to one of the apps they work with. Using custom fields in Jira, they provide you with information about the application’s version, their problem’s first occurrence and steps already taken. This way you can easily understand the issue and replicate it.

Custom fields in Jira Service Management, help center screen view: I can't select any option in the storage name field. Bundled Fields allows you to store multiple pieces of information in a single custom field.

What’s more, you can search for information stored inside Bundled Fields as easily as you do with any other field in Jira! To do so, go to Issues → Search for issues. With our dedicated Bundled Fields Searcher, you have two search methods to use in JQL – with two arguments and with three arguments.

  • Syntax with two arguments

issue in bundledFieldsEx(“customfield_name”, “subfield_value”)

issue in bundledFieldsEx(“customfield_id”, “subfield_value”)

  • Syntax with three arguments

issue in bundledFieldsEx(“customfield_name”, “subfield_name”, “subfield_value”)

issue in bundledFieldsEx(“customfield_id”, “subfield_name”, “subfield_value”)

Taking as an example task TS-14 and choosing three arguments option, we can create a syntax – issue in bundledFieldsEx(“Problem in the app”, “Star App’s version”, “version 2.0”). Note that in case of the custom field name, you should use a system name of a chosen field. Display name of your custom field won’t work in JQL.

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Custom fields in Jira Software

Quite unexpectedly, even though the feature was originally designed for Jira Service Management, you can also use it in your Jira Software. It is because we included Bundled Fields in Dynamic Forms for Jira application. How to take advantage of it?

Let’s say you work in the HR department and you’re responsible for organizing workspaces for new employees in several departments. Instead of creating a long description of the new tools that they need, you can bundle some information in one place. This way you’ll make the task view clearer. Details and Description will be also easier to read for your colleagues from the technical support department which is in charge of providing hardware, software and small electronic devices.

Dynamic Forms for Jira, New Employees: Tools for the administration team member screen view.

As in Extension for Jira Service Management, in Dynamic Forms for Jira, you can also search for details kept inside Bundled Fields. Our dedicated Bundled Fields Searcher works the same way here. The only difference is that instead of issue in bundledFieldsEx, you’ll write issue in bundledFieldsDF– the rest of the syntax works the same.
Both methods are flexible, and the search parameter can be further refined by, for example, including multiple values in a subfied. More details are under the link above.

Bundled custom fields configuration

The first step is to add a Bundled Field to Jira and assign it to the screens where you want to display it. Even though this field type is delivered exclusively by the app, you still do it in the Custom fields settings. Note that you can quickly proceed there by clicking the plus icon in the Bundled Fields configuration. Obviously, you can have more than one Bundled Field set-up for different purposes, but keep in mind that each of them must be added to Jira separately. Also, remember to add it to the appropriate request types, if you plan on using the feature in Jira Service Management.

After that, come back to the configuration and set up the fields you’ve created. You can choose the alignment of the field’s display (horizontal or vertical). Then provide the rows of fields to bundle and make some of them required, if you need it. Once you’re all set, save the setup. From now on, your users will fill in this form when creating a Jira issue or a helpdesk request.

If you need to modify your Bundled Fields layout, there’s a way to do that. The option Turn on Edit modewhich you can see in Layout settings, allows you to change fields’ size and location. Note that in order to have your modified layout both on Create Issue and View Issue screen, you need to select Layout in the Alignment tab. Below you can see where exactly to find this feature and how it looks in action.

Bundled custom fields configuration screen view GIF. In Dynamic Forms 4.0 you can change Bundled Fields layout with Edit mode.

Key takeaway

So, do you see how easily you can clean up the database of your Jira Software or Jira Service Managenent with Bundled Fields? With this feature, you store more information in a smaller amount of fields while retaining its searchability. This way you’ll never get lost and you’ll improve your Jira performance. Additionally, you can customize your Bundled Fields layout so that your issue view will look clearer.

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