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Sometimes we need to test a system under a load of a large database. However, the GDPR don’t allow carrying out such a procedure anymore unless the test base first becomes anonymized. Our tool helps to achieve that. How does it work and who can benefit from it?

Load tests and data leaks

System administrators or those responsible for testing their stability often require load tests. However, the regulations and legal rules regarding the protection of personal data don’t allow organizations to use the actual database of your clients or users. Developers and testers can’t access the information in your database – that is a clear violation of the GDPR provisions. On the other hand, ordering a similar database for testing purposes isn’t an ideal solution – it’s impossible to find two identical databases with identical conditions.

So what can you do to test the system load reliably without compromising any personal data?

Anonymize your databases!

Our proprietary solution, Anonymizer, helps to solve this problem. The tool is dedicated to administrators, testers, and developers who want to test their systems securely and legally using real databases.

How does the Anonymizer work?

The Anonymizer is a package used to mix information in a database. After uploading to it any database, its algorithms recognize individual data and mix them. They change names and surnames, insert random numbers, mix personal identification numbers, addresses, and all other information. After carrying out such an operation, it’s impossible to identify any person whose data are stored in the database, regardless of which parameters we choose.

Naturally, a personal data officer can do all that manually, but carrying out such an operation on large databases is an arduous and time-consuming task. Our Anonymizer allows to significantly shorten the time required to do that, speeding up the testing process. Our algorithm is very efficient, and it takes much less time to process the database than manual solutions.

The database will remain anonymous forever

The anonymization process can’t be reversed. Once “mixed up”, the database will stay like this forever. That’s because the Anonymizer always uses a different, random algorithm for mixing data. That prevents anyone from recreating such a database. In the context of the data value, such an anonymized database is useless and 100% safe for test use.

Preparing the test database? It’s a piece of cake!

The Anonymizer improves the system testing process efficiently with its unique algorithm that is fast and ensures the highest security. This software is fully compliant with the GDPR and has been officially released for commercial use. Its advantages will be appreciated by system administrators, testers and even software development companies that want to provide their clients with the highest security standards of the services offered.

If you have any questions or would like to talk about the Anonymizer application, please contact us.