NeoLegal – functions of system for managing legal services

A good system for employees and managers at law firms or legal departments in enterprises should enable effective portfolio management and process automation. An example of such a system is Deviniti’s software where all arrangements and activities are available on one information exchange platform for all authorized system users.

System for managing legal services

The neoLegal system is perfect for law firms and legal departments of enterprises in any industry. It’s installed on the client’s infrastructure together with implementation and payable expansion on request. It’s fully integrated with e-Court, MS Exchange Server and WebDAV. You can also expand it according to your needs.

Other useful features of the neoLegal system

What other functions can be useful to lawyers?

  • System integration with industry portals.
  • The ability to read the latest publications and articles without leaving the system.
  • Recommend useful or interesting articles to other system users.
  • Opportunity to advertise your law firm on the internet and increase its reach.
  • Advanced search filters that allow quick and precise access to the information you need.

As a support system for legal departments and law firms, the solution provides consistent and complete management information, necessary statistical data and the possibility of reporting, for example, to meet the obligations of the stock exchange. It’s possible to generate charts and tables showing profit and loss accounts, employee productivity, and many more.

The high quality of stored information

Deviniti’s software introduces and maintains data quality standards by eliminating errors, preventing duplication, validating mechanisms, detecting relationships, and allowing you to plan and manage your case budget more efficiently.

Cooperation with external entities

The neoLEGAL system enables secure access for external law firms involved in conducting cases, which is especially important in large enterprises that cooperate with various law firms.

The solution includes an integration with e-Court, which is popular in the tech industry. Dispatch summons to court and receive feedback.

Registry of court cases and meeting deadlines for obligations

Deviniti’s solution offers an ongoing review of the conducted cases, taking into account criteria set by the administrator.

Screenshot of the Cases tab in neoLegal

neoLegal – case state and operations list

It’s possible to filter activities performed for the client according to the client, date, supervisor or case type. Cases are recorded after determining the settlement model, and thanks to the task module, it’s possible to precisely determine the time of their execution and the generated costs and revenues.

Integration with calendar

The solution allows setting personalized reminders regarding the carried out activities. Users have full control over their tasks.

The triple view of the calendar also allows verifying the tasks of each employee in a transparent manner. It is possible to create a version of the calendar broken down into, for example, meetings and hearing dates.

We can easily export all terms to Google or Outlook calendar and overwrite tasks or actions for given matters. All you need to do is click on the day and time and choose the appropriate option.

Screenshot of the Cases tab in neoLegal

neoLegal – integration with calendar

Advantages of implementing the neoLegal legal management system

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