Deviniti invites to the remote Atlassian Day – Baltic Edition 2020

As Michael North stated in his book, The Baltic: A History: The Baltic has always been a region of exchange and encounter. Since ancient times it was populated with various language communities … the Baltic region was the scene of intense social and cultural exchange at all levels. … new importance may be seen in the recent expansion of the European Union to the east and the 2009 Baltic Sea strategy.

Indeed, Scandinavian merchants started to appear and settle on Pomeranian lands even in the XI century. The newcomers from Denmark and Sweden founded a couple of significant settlements including that on the Wolin island, which was described later in the famous Jómswikingasaga. While conquering the West, the prominent Viking warriors appear to have instructed the army of the young Polish monarchy and stood back to back with them on the battleground. Later, in XIII-XV centuries, cities around the Baltic and the Northern Sea united as the Hanseatic League – one of the most powerful trade unions in Europe. During its growth peak, it counted about 160 cities and towns – from the Netherlands to modern Estonia and Russia.

Today, we’re going to foster this tradition and offer a helping hand to those struggling in the hard times of the pandemic. Following the success of this year’s Jira Day Remote Edition, we’d like to focus on the Baltic and share the knowledge that may help companies in the region optimize their business processes facing the upcoming recession. We believe that the best way to do it is to meet up and talk – 100% remotely, of course, because the health and safety of our customers, attendees, and speakers is our highest priority. We’ve already organized such one-day events before, like Jira Tour or Jira Service Desk Day, and we know that it’s a great opportunity to have a conversation with everyone attending and focus on the topics that really matter to them.

What’s coming up for the Atlassian Day – Baltic Edition 2020?

So, during this one-day meetup, we’re going to take a step towards mastering the Atlassian tools. Our in-house and invited experts will discuss the guidelines for business agility and how this software can answer the companies’ current needs. We’ll learn how particular features of the Atlassian products work and how they can help solve some of the common problems that businesses come across. Both those unfamiliar with the tools and those who have significant experience will discuss how this software can support the effort in building a digital workplace, as well as in different aspects of everyday work. No matter if you do a technical job or are more into design, customer success management, business analytics, or management – we’re trying to provide a platform where everyone can contribute, share their opinion, and learn from each other.

Our experts: Julita Sroczyńska, Łukasz Krupa, and Krzysztof Krzyżanowski will discuss the Atlassian software licensing policy. They’ll point out the latest changes made by Atlassian, the differences between transaction types in all hosting services and the differences between Cloud, Server, and Data Center versions of the products. This will allow you to choose the model that best meets your requirements. Then our Lithuania Partner Ad Projectum’s Paulius Morkvenas will talk about setting up a digital project management office, which includes tools and techniques for agile portfolio management in Jira. One of our Product Owners Jarosław Solecki will show that it’s possible to use Jira to effectively track the whole software development process in a single tool by including requirements and tests into the team’s workflow and also using native automation rules. The meeting will be followed with a guest talk by one of our customers Eglė Kaziulionytė, who will prove that a single point of contact for all service requests is crucial to keep operations smooth and uninterrupted in a fairly large telecom moving from 100% onsite to 100% remote work. Then you will discover unlimited reporting possibilities with eazyBI Reports and Charts app, thanks to talk by experienced support consultant Ilze Leite-Apine. The last but not least speaker – Tom Harris from Old Street Solution – will familiarize us with reporting best practices during the interactive Jira Reporting Workshop and Q&A session.

For the whole day, the chat will be available on ClickMeeting. There we can ask questions and share knowledge just like we could during an in-person meeting. Our experts will be there to help solve your problems and further explore the galaxy of Atlassian software.

Dzmitry Hryb

Dzmitry is a Marketing Manager at Deviniti. For the last couple of years, he's been on the mission to help people make the best use of Jira Software and Jira Service Management at work by creating guides and tutorials for Atlassian users all around the globe. He received the Atlassian Community Content Awards three times in 2018. He spends the rest of his time winning pool tournaments, producing music, biking around, and playing with his two cats.

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