Atlassian Team 2023 conference in a nutshell

Another edition of Atlassian Team 2023 became history. The remarkable conference, formerly Atlassian Summit, was held in Las Vegas on April 18-20. It featured insightful talks, interviews, and meetings focused on teamwork and the main topic – “Impossible alone.” Big words, bold goals, yet supported by facts, innovations, and fun. 

This year, yet again, Atlassian proved that its software environment constantly evolves in response to rapid changes in technological standards. New solutions presented during the talks, including Atlassian Intelligence, will significantly impact today’s businesses and the company’s partners. That’s for sure.

Atlassian Team ’23 and a quarter of a million

It’s worth emphasizing that Atlassian now has over 250,000 customers! They come in all sizes, from startups to most of the TOP 500 enterprises. It’s no surprise, considering the numbers presented by Anu Bharadwaj (Atlassian’s President). On April 2023:

  • more than 45,000 organizations use Jira Service Management (JSM)
  • over 150,000 companies work with Jira Work Management products
  • up to 50,000 users perform in Confluence
  • soon 50,000 will be working on Jira Software.

Next to it, in the past year, Atlassian took care of the performance of its products, making:

  • Jira Software 1.5x faster (on average) regarding issue view, boards, and backlogs
  • Confluence 3x more responsive (on average) to interactivity for pages.

Of course, the numbers paint only a part of the picture of what is happening around Jira, Confluence, and other products.

New solutions in the Atlassian ecosystem

As always, Atlassian presented new products and features to increase the overall efficiency and productivity of work in its ecosystem. They include novelties in collaboration, security, analytics, and more. Here are just a few of many examples.

Confluence Whiteboards

One of the new solutions presented during the Team ’23 event was Confluence Whiteboards. It allows teams to set their ideas and doings in a single virtual board. The app provides a simple way to embed diagrams, mockups, or mind maps into Confluence pages.

Confluence Whiteboards. Source: Atlassian

The goal is to make collaboration faster and more productive due to real-time visualization of different thoughts and dependencies between them. The app (early access) is available for all users for free – as a part of Confluence Cloud.

Atlassian Beacon

Another announced app was a beta version of Atlassian Beacon. The new software was described as an intelligent threat detection designed for Cloud products.

Beacon will improve monitoring for malicious user activity, suspicious queries, authorizations, and third-party applications. The solution is integral to Jira Service Management for faster incident resolutions (with who, what, when, where, and why associated with every alert).

Anu Bharadwaj (President, Atlassian) presenting the possibilities of the Beacon application. Source: Atlassian

Atlassian Intelligence

Mike Cannon-Brookes (Atlassian co-CEO) presented Atlassian Intelligence as the user’s new virtual teammate. The software combines existing machine-learning models with large language models (LLM) “infused” with a given organization’s data and knowledge base.

The software enhances the collaboration of various teams (within all Cloud products), providing specified insights and generating content. It’s a great help with requests and creating content to accelerate everyday tasks and ventures. The solution can build answers to complex questions and queries in natural language, gathering data from Jira Software and Jira Service Management in Atlassian Analytics.

An example of Atlassian Intelligence in action. Source. Atlassian

Improvements in Atlassian Analytics and Automation

The creators of Jira and Confluence constantly improve their tools. That also means further developing analytical functions and empowering teams to make data-backed decisions. Atlassian Analytics – available to all users of the Cloud Enterprise edition of JSM, Jira Software, and Confluence – now consolidates information from all products as well as external tools. It makes it easier to use such data to roll up, covering the entire company or organization.

The hosts of the conference also mentioned Atlassian Automation. Undoubtedly, its importance constantly grows in the Atlassian ecosystem. For example, Jira Software has covered over 10 billion automated actions since the solution’s launch! Let’s not forget that JSM and Confluence gained one-click rule templates for automation.

Atlassian Automation (one-click rule templates). Source: Atlassian

As always, the hosts also took care of a handful of information about new security solutions, including Data Security Policies and improving Data Management Compliance.

Atlassian Team 2023 and Deviniti

The event flourished with conversations with interesting guests. Atlassian partners had the opportunity to present their capabilities and ideas for solving the problems of modern businesses.

Deviniti’s team was proud to be a part of it once more. We got to know better our colleagues from Atlassian and their activities in the ecosystem that we co-create with them. Above all, we met amazing people, discussed fascinating topics (feedbacks, ITSM, migrations to Cloud, and many more), and shared our experiences with Jira enthusiasts. In short: great conversations, relationships, and new friends. We couldn’t expect more.

And yet, there were also pleasant surprises! During Partner Day, Deviniti was announced as one of three finalists in the annual Partner Awards in the Atlassian Partner of the Year 2022: Emerging Markets category for preparing and implementing Jira Day – the largest Atlassian conference in Europe. Congratulations to the winner, iZeno!

What can we say? As an Atlassian Platinum and Enterprise Solution Partner, we are happy to promote and strengthen the Ecosystem, meeting the needs of modern business.

We were also delighted to hear (and see!) that our colleague Jarosław Solecki, Product Owner of Dynamic Forms – a globally recognized Deviniti application on the Atlassian Marketplace – was quoted during Teaming up for succes working with other Marketplace Partners meeting. We are proud!

Meeting fantastic people is not only about work, conversations, and technicalities. It’s also a bit of fun. We proposed to our guests to compete in a game we created. What is it? You can find out about it during the next talks at Meta-Inf Atlassian Day 2023. We encourage you to meet us and play. The ranking is always open!

Jordan Herther from Blizzard Entertainment is the current master of the Deviniti game with an impressive score 2700 points.

Atlassian Team 2023 summary

As was mentioned in the beginning, Atlassian Team ’23 became history. And in many ways, it was a genuinely historical event. From the fact that Atlassian now got over a quarter of a million customers, deep dive into today’s business reality with Atlassian Intelligence to features and solutions significantly improving teams’ work in Jira.

The market got a strong signal that the Atlassian ecosystem is growing in numbers and constantly gaining broader global recognition. The conference was another proof that our work with Jira is also constantly changing – it is becoming more and more automated, secure, and open to the latest advances in widely understood AI (r)evolution.

From the Deviniti perspective, there are more and more reasons to “see a need and fill a need,” develop proper software and promote tools that allow businesses to expand.

That being said, let’s meet at the following year’s Atlassian Team 2024 edition!

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