Jira Day 2020 – Remote Edition is around the corner

Tomorrow we’re taking over the universe! We’re kicking off Jira Day 2020 – Remote Edition. During our 4-days free event, we’ll provide you with ready-to-use solutions that will boost your business in these tough times. We know that you are busy now more than ever. That’s why we’ll walk you through our event’s agenda, so you could easily choose your favorite topics.

An event that answers the companies’ current needs

All businesses are facing a challenging time. It forces the companies’ strategy changes, closer and even more effective teamwork, and fast adjustment to the reality of remote work. We wanted to give you a helping hand so we moved our annual on-site Jira Day conference online to bring you the answers to your current problems. That’s why in our event agenda, you can find presentations with practical tips on how to handle remote work processes (like time tracking), project management, customer success management, and team communication. We’ll also show you how the Atlassian products can support your efforts in these areas, as well as in different aspects of your everyday work. If you haven’t done it yet, join us for Jira Day 2020 – Remote Edition from the 26th-29th of May.

Proven tactics to enhance your team collaboration

The keynote of the conference will equip you with the guidelines for business stability. Chris Moojen, Head of Sales EMEA & APAC at Atlassian, will present the challenges the enterprises deal with in today’s market and explain how to make sure that your organization is ready for the change. Chris will also advise you on how to build a lasting company with the help of the best practices and a unique set of Atlassian tools.

Talking about tools, Andreas Schmidt, Co-founder and CEO of Yasoon, will show you how the combination of Jira, Microsoft Team, and Office365 enables teams to collaborate better. This solution can ease your teamwork and boost your productivity. But what if Jira looks too complicated for your team? Then the presentation Bring Jira to Every Team with Refined is aimed at you. Genevieve Blanch, the Partner Manager at Refined, will you show a tool displaying Jira and Jira Service Management content in an appealing way. It makes these two platforms more accessible for all, even non-technical, users.

What makes teams’ life easier is also proper communication. Felix Häusler, Co-founder and CEO of enterprise messenger Grape, will show you its features that allow coworkers to communicate inside their tickets, file systems, and management tools. You’ll also see Grape in action since we’ll use it as a chatting platform during Jira Day 2020 – Remote Edition. In dedicated channels, you’ll have a chance to ask questions to our speakers and experts, chat with other participants, and share your experience on using the Atlassian Software.

The presentation Break MS Project and Excel Silos – Moving your Project Management to Jira will be another one focused on how to make teams’ life easier. Julia Atlygina, Product Owner of Structure in ALM Works, will prove to you that instead of switching between different tools, it’s better to move management teams to Jira. This platform together with Structure for Jira and Structure.Gantt improves collaboration, planning, and reporting. The last activity will also appear in Gudrun Fema Olafsdottir’s (Product Manager at Tempo) presentation. Gudrun will discuss it in the context of time tracking. She’ll show you how to track working time easily and explore data with useful reports.

Staying on the topic of teams, Tom Harris and Chris Cook from Old Street Solutions will share tips and tricks for managing customer success across multiple distributed teams. During their presentation you’ll learn how to automate communication and follow-ups (and still keep a human tone of voice) and use Jira Service Management automations to respond to support tickets as quickly as possible. Support teams and customers will be also at the center of the talk of Barbara Kowalczyk and Klaudia Schön. The Support Specialists from Deviniti will show you the customers’ role in a product designing process. You’ll see how to use the customers’ feedback in implementing new features or improving documentation.

There will be also more than 20 other speakers you’ll have an opportunity to meet virtually during our event! You can get to know them here.

Ask us anything

As we’ve already mentioned, you’ll not only be able to listen to the presentations but also to ask questions. Ask me anything sessions in our agenda will be fully dedicated to answering questions related to Jira, Jira Software, Jira Service Management, Deviniti Apps, project management in Jira, incident management with OpsGenie & StatusPage, migrations & upgrades, CMDB and asset management.

You can ask your question during the proper session on ClickMeeting, or write it before the session’s start in a dedicated channel in Grape. Who will respond to your questions? The experts from Deviniti who in their daily work implement IT and business processes in different organizations all around the world, deal with system-level topics, application engineering, Jira customization, and develop solutions based on the Atlassian stack. You can see all the experts in the Speakers section on our event website.

Besides responding to your questions, our experts will also show you how particular features of the Atlassian products work, or how to solve some of the common problems in these platforms. It all will be covered during Deviniti Atlassian Trainings. The expert will explain to you step by step how to set something in the tool, and you’ll be able to ask questions on ClickMeeting in real-time.

Engage and win

We encourage you to be active during the whole Jira Day 2020 – Remote Edition. Not only you can gain valuable knowledge and meet inspiring people, but also win one of the very attractive prizes. What is it all about? During the event, you can score points for different activities such as presentation attendance, taking part in conversations in Grape, and joining interesting challenges on our social media channels. Follow our pages on InstagramLinkedInFacebook, and Twitter not to miss any fun action!