Fasten your cosmic seatbelts – Jira Day 2021 takes off at the end of May!

Almost 3 thousand participants, 34 hours of lectures, and 35 speakers – during Jira Day 2020 Remote Edition we certainly haven’t been bored. This year, after the great success of the 2020’s Jira Day edition, we work twice as hard to fulfill our community’s expectations, help you learn more about the Atlassian Ecosystem products, and have fun together. The largest Atlassian-related conference in Central Europe and second-largest in the world is just around the corner. Never been to Jira Day or still deciding whether to participate this year? We’ll guide you through the event’s agenda to help you decide which lectures to attend!

After Jira Day 2020

Last year, after having organized 7 offline Jira Day editions, we have been steadily preparing for the 8th one, staged at the PGE National Stadium in Warsaw, Poland. Due to the pandemic, we faced a choice whether to postpone our annual conference or switch to an online event. The only possible option was to take all of the lectures online and try to recreate the unique Jira Day atmosphere remotely.

Listening to online presentations can, of course, bring a lot of value to the event’s participants, but the possibility to chat with other peers, speakers, and applications’ creators is inimitable. But surrender was not an option – that’s why we came up with the idea of implementing a communication tool, Grape, to help the participants network, ask questions to the experts, and chat with other participants.

Apart from providing real-life conversations during the event, we focused on what makes Jira Day a knowledge-providing conference: comprehensive presentations. Over 30 speakers shared their knowledge about topics such as accessibility, using Confluence to build great content, combining Jira, Microsoft Team, and Office365 for better collaboration, and the customer’s role in a product designing process.

Would you like to read more about last year’s conference? Check this summary of the 2020 edition.

Managing projects in 2021, automation, and security

Now, thanks to our last year’s experiences, we shoot for the stars and hope for an even greater conference. We’ve prepared 3 days full of engaging lectures, Ask Me Anything questions to resolve any of your doubts, and chances to meet other participants. We’ll virtually meet from the 25th to the 27th of May.

What can you expect?

Agility and problem solving

We’re taking off with a topical subject – agility. We all know, especially in the current times, how big of impact agility can have when it comes to the business’ be or not to be. Josh Frank, Principal Product Marketer on the Jira Software Cloud team at Atlassian will open this year’s conference with his lecture Solving for agility in the enterprise. He’ll present what agility actually means in terms of today’s enterprises and why some of the organizations struggle, while others have their best quarters to date.

The perfect amplification of Josh’s topic will be an answer to the question How to unlock the power of agile. Kelly Drozd, Product Marketing Manager on the Jira Software team at Atlassian, will take a closer look at this issue. How to speed up the decision-making process within a team and how to uncover proven ways for teams to collaborate better? Don’t miss Kelly’s presentation to find that out.

Why do projects fail? The issue is not always about collaboration. They may simply… solve the wrong problem. Ashok Vasa from Vasa Digital Architects will tell us why teams sometimes get stuck in endless development cycles instead of trying to figure out the real problem that they should solve.


During the second day, we’ll talk more about automation. How to automate daily tasks in Jira? Mateusz Olczak, Java Software Developer at Deviniti, will bring us tips and tricks on how to get rid of repetitive tasks thanks to using Jira. At the same time, in another virtual room, Łukasz Przybyłowicz from Unity Group will show us how to create an elastic CRM solution in Jira. He’ll talk about, first of all, the reason why his company decided to migrate to Jira, and then, how they’ve managed to conduct the migration process. His use cases of automatization and process improvement will show us in black and white the advantages of using CRM in Jira.

The usage of Microsoft Teams rose from 20 million users in November 2019 to 75 million in April 2020. The software’s popularity was followed by the increased requirements from the users. Andreas Schmidt from Yasoon will share with us how to speed up the ticketing process with Microsoft Teams and how conversational ticketing transformed the support process.

Confluence & Security

The German IT company Kiwigrid was facing the challenge of finding the right solution for an integrated QM system. Franziska Wende from Commurando during her session will share how to create an individual fitting SOP and quality management with the help of Commurando’s apps and solutions.

Talking about Confluence, Matt Reiner from K15t will bring us a slightly different issue. When you have elaborate help documentation in Confluence it may sound rather simple on how to deliver it to your users. In reality, a poorly prepared help center may do more harm than good. How to create a beautiful, integrated help center in Confluence and make sure that the users will easily find everything they’re looking for? Follow this lecture and find out!


Moving on to our next segment, Christian Reichert from Resolution will cover the topic of the top 10 missing features in on-prem Atlassian user management. We’ll get to know more about automated user provisioning and deactivation, optimized license consumption, and API management and monitoring.

Migrating apps to the cloud? We have a solution for that. Katarzyna Pawlak, Senior Atlassian Apps Manager at Deviniti will take us on a journey from Jira Server to Cloud. Are the versions of the apps different on each hosting? How to prepare a solid migration plan? Stay tuned, don’t miss this lecture, and get all the answers to these and not only these questions!

These, are, of course, not all of this year’s presentations. Take a look at the event’s agenda and find out which lectures seem the most interesting to you.

Feel free to ask anything

During this year’s edition, you can chat with other peer participants, using our Jira Day application, but that’s not all. You can also chat with the speakers 1:1 or gain information from our sponsors. We’ve also prepared 7 Ask Me Anything sessions to answer all your questions regarding applications, reporting, ITSM, PMO, and Confluence. Feel free to ask anything that comes to your mind about discussed topics on the chat that will remain open during the time of the presentations. Our experts will monitor the chat and make sure to give you comprehensive information.

This year, we’ve decided to donate 1$ for each active Jira Day participant for a charity. We’ll support Las na zawsze charity and plant 1sqm of a forest for every Jira Day member.

We also encourage you to download our Jira Day application from the App Store or Google Play. Take Jira Day with you, get notifications about the upcoming lectures, and chat with other participants live!

Task yourself and meet the Atlassian ecosystem experts and enthusiasts in just a few days.

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