Boons for space partnership with Deviniti

The total number of Deviniti partners is growing dynamically. In 2020, it doubled and counted over 30 companies. This fact required a new approach so that our program mates and us could maintain effective cooperation in the Atlassian galaxy. Here are the latest changes and new benefits in the Deviniti Partner Program.

What are these changes and benefits?

Two types of partnership

At the moment, Deviniti Partner Program is dedicated to organizations operating in the Atlassian ecosystem. We have established two categories of our membership. They are Deviniti Reseller Partner and Deviniti Solution Partner. An Atlassian Solution Partner, who is in search of a specific feature set, can become a Deviniti Reseller Partner and enrich its company’s offer with our products. For a Marketplace app vendor who needs help to implement and configure products, we offer to become a Deviniti Solution Partner. We’ll operate on your company’s behalf and sell products. A partner company can obviously choose both program categories if it qualifies for them.

Discounts for Deviniti Resellers

The Server and Data Center discounts on Deviniti’s products are available on the Atlassian Marketplace, if a company is a member of the Deviniti Partner Program. The discounts depend on the level of our partnership and what kind of sale it is, whether it is a new license, renewal, or upgrade. Since March,1st we’ve withdrawn discounts on Server and Data Center for the others. Being the Atlassian Solution Partner, one gets automatic discounts on Deviniti applications on the Cloud, when purchased via the Marketplace. 

Three levels for Deviniti Resellers

If your business falls into the Deviniti Reseller Partner category, your company is on a good way to become our top-level partner. There are three levels in the category. A level depends on the number of new apps sold and the amount of cash earned by selling Hexygen and Deviniti apps for the last twelve months. These are two conditions that must be met simultaneously. Every six months a company can move a level. The next level update is planned for the end of June 2021. 

Benefits for Deviniti Resellers

Deviniti Partner Program brings plenty of benefits depending on what level your company is qualified for. A partner company can be entitled to onboarding, support, communication, marketing, and discount services from the Deviniti side. Onboarding gives you access to online training with product specialists, a free application license for internal and demo use, and individual care of our partnership consultant. Support means meeting product owners, our help in your urgent matters, and access to dark features and extended roadmaps. Communication brings recognizability. Your logo, links are listed on the Deviniti website. One gets access to sales reports, newsletters, and presentations. With the help of marketing, we can carry out joint webinars, post on our blogs or social media channels on an exchange basis, and promote products of each other. 

Partner Portal and Service Desk

Taking care of our members, we created a customer portal. With the help of it, all information is easy to find. There are Deviniti Support and Deviniti Partner channels. Deviniti Support serves for inquiries that are strictly associated with our apps such as incidents, configuration, new features, and general licensing questions (extending trials, pricing questions). A Deviniti Partners section is for inquiries concerned with our Partnership Program such as promo codes, discounts, or joining the program.

To learn more about Partner Program Updates proceed to our Partner Portal. To apply for promotional codes, book demos, training, or ask for help, please, address our Partner Service Desk

Enjoy all Deviniti privileges and let’s blast off in 2021!

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