Collabri – an Austrian satellite in Deviniti’s orbit

At the very beginning of 2021, we launched a new cooperation with Collabri. It is our first companion from Austria, where Atlassian products are in high demand.

“As a committed Atlassian Gold Solution Partner, Collabri has been growing steadily in the Austrian market for the last three years. We generally serve a lot of SME customers as well as many enterprises. As an Atlassian contributor, we deliver our consumers a full life cycle of consulting, maintenance, and complete administration of the Atlassian products.”

Paul Allmer, Managing Director at Collabri

Thanks to our new satellite, we joined the Austrian market with Deviniti’s expertise. Together with Collabri, we are going to complement each other to meet customer’s expectations there. On the one hand, we provide the German-speaking clients with a migration package, ITSM consulting, and our Test Management Solution. On the other hand, Austrian business gets access to more than 250 IT specialists who are proficient in the Atlassian stuff.

“One of the pros of our partnership is that Collabri is a native player and has detailed knowledge of the local commerce. It can also give our consumers online German-speaking support. It has a good understanding of Deviniti’s apps and services. All together we can work out customer-made solutions. We are sure that within our teamwork we’ll have the best tools to express even more care to an individual configuration of the Atlassian apps.”

Bogusław Osuch, Head of Atlassian Services at Deviniti

Cooperation is always a win-win situation for both the clients and the companies. As our representative, Collabri gets first-hand support for all smart Deviniti’s plugins that are available on the Atlassian Marketplace. 

Check out what we offer on the German-speaking markets and explore tech space with us!

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