Free Atlassian Cloud apps up to 10 users to support small businesses 

In Deviniti we support all of the business types, no matter the size. That’s why we want to provide the small teams that are already using Jira with fully professional tools without paying for them! Fasten your seatbelts and see what you can gain.

Free Cloud apps for up to 10 users – how it works

Atlassian has been offering a Free plan for its Cloud products, which includes a limit of up to 10 users in the system. We know that one of the biggest advantages of Jira is the possibility of flexible customization, which is also provided by apps from the Marketplace, so we adjust the prices of our apps on the Cloud.

Along with Atlassian’s journey to the Cloud, teams of up to 10 people can use all Cloud apps by Deviniti and Hexygen for free. From now on your team can reach out to the stars with fully professional tools and join the community of enthusiasts, professionals, and experts that have already taken that step. You can easily find our apps thanks to the new Free up to 10 users filter on the Marketplace.

To put it simply: you can download and install our Cloud apps without paying for them as long as your team counts between 1 and 10 people. Moreover, you don’t need to provide any payment information. Above this limit, there is no possibility to create new users without switching to a paid plan. You can choose from the set of 14 Cloud apps that are listed below. 

Issue Assignment Rules for Jira
Azure AD Attributes for Jira
Advanced Confluence Integration for Jira
DIBS for Jira - Book Rooms and Schedule Meetings
Extension for Jira Service Management
Issue Beacon for Jira Cloud
Issue SYNC - Integration for Jira
Issue SYNC for ServiceNow
Issue Templates for Jira
My Mentions for Jira
My Requests for Jira Service Management
Queues for Jira Service Management
Requirements and Test Management for Jira
Trophy - gamification for Jira

By providing businesses with this opportunity, we want to help them to improve their remote work management and communication. We hope that thanks to using the world-famous tools, even small teams would be able to spread their wings and achieve their goals.

Apps for Jira and other Atlassian tools

We develop our apps keeping the final user in mind, and we wanted to give users the possibility to get a real impact on their further development. We wanted our apps to become a solution for real everyday problems. That’s why we made our roadmaps public, so anyone can share their ideas and needs.

Moreover, our cooperation doesn’t end on the purchase from the Marketplace. Our team will be happy to support you and help you release the full potential of Jira Software and Jira Service Management in order to make them even more customizable, more functional, and easier to use.

If you want to get familiar with the apps made by Deviniti and Hexygen, feel free to visit Deviniti space and Hexygen space on the Atlassian Marketplace.

Martyna Wiśnik

Martyna is a Content Specialist at Deviniti. She gathers information, writes down her notes on paper, and then brings the results to the digital world. As a hobby, she learns to code iOS apps.

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