InTENSO changes its name to Deviniti!

From this day, InTENSO will be providing its services under a new name: Deviniti.

Why did we change our name?

Our organization needed a brand name that was consistent with our vision for the future. With global challenges ahead of us, we wanted to offer our products and expertise under a name that would resonate with a worldwide audience and reflect our dedication to helping our clients scale their businesses infinitely.

As the Head of Sales, my primary job over the years was ensuring that our clients chose the best available tools or were provided with custom-made solutions that matched their needs perfectly.

At the beginning of our operation, we focused on developing solutions that would address specific problems experienced by our customers. Sophisticated, optimized IT solutions became our main domain of expertise.

We soon began to notice our clients encountered similar problems or developed similar needs. As these primary components of our solutions became repetitive, we began to build a collection of core features that could be implemented in every solution deliver to our clients.

Every solution we offered to our clients was tailor-made to suit their particular needs and preferences, but its core was often based on our previous experience.

The turning point

Building on the experience, we acquired while developing different projects for our clients allowed us to expand our offer and change the trajectory of our company. We started to provide more holistic solutions that not only helped organizations solve particular problems, but also helped businesses scale their operations without limits.

Today, we deliver a wide range of ready-made solutions we deploy and configure for our clients to maximize their output and minimize friction during adoption. While some of these tools are easier to implement, many require sophisticated knowledge – and that is something our teams have gained during countless collaborations with various organizations.

We can pick and choose tools and products from our offer to create a perfect combination for organizations geared at particular objectives, such as developing a stronger DevOps culture or taking full advantage of ITIL management practices.

In the past, our only partner was Atlassian. And that partnership turned out to be very rewarding as we began to develop our own Atlassian apps and publish them on the Marketplace.

But keeping a close eye on the needs of our clients, we decided that the market requires a broader range of tools offered by other companies. That’s why we added tools such as GitLab, Perforce, DB Maestro, and Freshdesk to our offer.

Going holistic

Today, we approach our projects in a holistic way, providing comprehensive solutions based on various products that are tailored to address the particular needs of our clients and support their growth. We advise our customers about the potential directions they can take and point to the tools that will help them achieve critical objectives.

Even if a customer decides to bet on a single tool, we always do our best to advise them how to take full advantage of it and how to pair it up with the tools already in use. We also show our clients new solutions they didn’t even know existed.

For example, many of our clients had no idea a tool like DB Maestro was on the market – simple because such tools haven’t been available until recently.

Deviniti – a step into the future

Our mission is educating our clients about novelties on the market and helping them choose the best combination of solutions to take their business operations the next level. We want to help them further automation and improve the software lifecycle to reduce time-to-market and focus on realizing broader business goals.

Most of the time, IT departments act as bottlenecks in organizations.

We plan to continually fine-tune our offer and offer solutions geared at making IT departments and software production safer and more efficient.

We plan to reach out to our clients and ask whether there’s anything missing in their infrastructure. On that basis, we will able to define broader market needs and check whether any of our solutions could be transformed into an out-of-the-box product or a core component of the tailor-made solutions we provide to our clients.

Changing our name takes us one step closer to these future goals.

Radoslaw Kosiec

Radosław is Partner Product Department Director in Deviniti spaceship. He’s been supporting Deviniti in many areas since 2011. He advises companies about tools for DevOps, service desk, customer service, task and project management, and more! He is proud to be a Deviniti astronaut because the company follows the principles he has always believed in. He is a great Capitan of his crew!

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