Deviniti orbit entered the SoDa galaxy

In July 2022 we became a SoDA – Software Development Association Poland Partner! SoDa is an organization representing IT Service Business Sector in Poland. Their aim is to promote, support, grow and integrate Polish software companies.

SODA is a team of passionate and unstoppable people. We do not only love what we do, but we are also always challenging ourselves to reach higher, not only in the product we create but also in the service we offer.

Bartosz Majewski
SoDa Founding Member & President

We are happy that our orbit has met the SoDa Galaxy. With this membership, we can strengthen the relations with other great Polish IT companies, as SoDA is organizing several meetings, gathering hundreds of participants. We can’t wait to get involved in SoDa Conference as listeners and speakers.

We are glad that we joined the SoDA association. It gives companies in our industry the opportunity to exchange experiences and knowledge within many thematic groups but is also a great platform supporting cooperation between its members.

Marcin Łuczyn
CFO, Head of Deviniti Ventures

Joanna Fink

Content Specialist at Deviniti. Writing in a cosmic style isn’t a challenge as I am often drifting through the space galaxy in my mind. I explore the IT world with the same passion as my enthusiasm for fashion. One day, I will be the first woman to land on the Moon wearing high heels.

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