The Gold Partner badge to rocket higher

We’re excited to announce that we’ve officially become a Gold Partner. Deviniti has been working with the company for over three years and honorably presents the tool to Central and Eastern Europe working with such countries as Poland, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Azerbaijan. 

We are thrilled to get the badge and are happy to bring a sophisticated product that helps companies optimize their work to the market. We’ve been working hard implementing the platform, adjusting it to the specific team needs, as well as providing training for our customers on how to use the device successfully. We work with individual integrations or integrations for different programs, implement and adapt the platform to meet customers’ greatest expectations. The Gold Partner badge will definitely strengthen our credibility in the market and help us drive more business. Thanks to every team member who contributed to this achievement. We’ve done great work and much more is waiting for us in the future!

Radoslaw Kosiec, Sales Director/ Head of teams at Deviniti

The Gold Partner badge to rocket higher


The platform is an intuitive work operating system to manage projects or daily tasks. It plans, organizes, and tracks all of your team’s work in one place. What’s more, it is designed to help you monitor progress, gain insight into deadlines, and build a work culture based on transparency. The product offers a variety of customizable templates for every industry, business, and team: marketing, HR, project management, sales and CRM, design, and software development.

The work OS is very flexible and can be adapted to almost any process and workflow such as:

  • managing leads and potential customers;
  • new employee’s recruitment and onboarding;
  • social media activity plan, content, calendar, and production planning;
  • budget monitoring, guest list, and work progress.

Work on one platform with endless possibilities

Efficient project and task management, also remotely, is a key to achieve good results. Having the right platform is half of it. The most important thing is to be able to use it well in your daily work. Deviniti’s experts provide customers with the knowledge to take full advantage of We carry out a training course that opens the whole galaxy of possibilities hidden behind We explain how to combine the tool with applications and guide you through its capabilities. Furthermore, we analyze the individual needs of a company and find the answer for them. Finally, we value long-term relationships with clients, that’s why we stay in touch after the training or solution implementation until a customer needs our support.

Please, don’t hesitate to contact our team of experts to get more details or order a demo version of the platform.

Let’s conquer the working Galaxy together!

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