Creating efficient document management processes in Jira

This is a guest post by Vadim Rutkevich from StiltSoft. Being an Atlassian Platinum Top Vendor and a Silver Solution Partner, they developed more than 20 handy apps for Jira, Confluence, and Bitbucket. Vadim is a Product Owner of Smart Attachments for Confluence and Smart Attachments for Jira. He knows everything about document management of project assets in Atlassian products.

Building efficient document management processes in Jira can become a real challenge for you, especially when you have multiple files in Jira issues and need to categorize, share, or discuss them with your colleagues. Fortunately, the Atlassian Marketplace provides enough apps to design and adjust document management workflows to your requirements.

The Smart Attachments for Jira app is such a tool. It can significantly improve document management in your projects and simplify routine operations on them.

Quick Distribution of Documents across Categories

One of the greatest problems that Jira users encounter is finding documents quickly in Jira issues. Everything becomes worse when there are dozens of files in a single issue. You can waste quite much time on finding a single document, but what if you actively work with attachments? This can drive you crazy.

Jira screen view of Perform payment task and its details, description, attachments

Categories in Jira issues allow you to easily distribute your documents and instantly locate them when needed. Flexible configuration allows you to vary visibility of categories depending on issue types. You can also have restricted categories for confidential documents that will be available to specific users.

Categories are neatly integrated with all Jira interfaces, so you can always attach files into the necessary category on any form and in any section. The automatic distribution of files based on the naming pattern or regular expression speeds up the file upload and saves your time.

Keeping Project Documents in Centralized Storage

Keeping the frequently used documents distributed across multiple issues leads to non-productive document management processes and causes problems with their versioning. People lose track of the latest version, use outdated documentation, and make mistakes.

management process in Jira, screen view of a project storage folders list

The centralized project storage mitigates these risks and allows you to keep the frequently used and updated documents in one place where everyone can get the latest revision at once.

You can even upload folders with documents into the project storage, so the entire structure of folders will be re-created in the project storage automatically.

Store Document Revisions Organized in Issues

When you work on some document or asset in issues, you create new and new revisions. After a series of updates it becomes a real problem to find the latest revision, as graying out the older ones is not usually sufficient. But what if you need to find the third or the fifth revision?

efficient management process Jira, screen view with a tree of folders

With the Smart Attachments app, you can create tree structures of documents with revisions and instantly locate the needed revision at once. Document revisions are automatically mapped by the file name, or you can add it manually during the upload.

Perform Bulk Operations on Documents in a Click

If you ever tried to delete multiple documents from a Jira issue, you can recall all the pain that you experienced. Click icon, confirm, do this for the next file, and repeat, repeat, repeat… With the Smart Attachments app, this is no longer a problem. Select multiple files or entire categories, choose the bulk operation, relax.

You can delate or archive multiple files in Jira, example how to do it

You can delete multiple files, download them, move to another category, send to email, or archive the no longer needed files.

Automate Routine Operations that Cause Nothing but Pain

The more manual operations your workflow includes, the higher probability of mistakes exists. In case of document management, the cost of such mistakes is really high. So why not minimize the human factor?

With the Smart Attachments app, you can automate routine operations on files. Adding conditions and validators can automate checkup of document availability in a specific category or against particular criteria during issue transitions.

Using the post functions can simplify execution of routine operations such as removal of draft documents when closing issues, sending documents for approval to external reviewers, or moving assets between categories.

Managing documents in Jira can be easy and simple. Just start a 30-day free trial of the Smart Attachments app and refine your processes to increase their efficiency and decrease manual operations. Also, read more about advanced tricks and additional features improving your team’s work with Jira:

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