Here’s Why You Should Be Coding with Atlassian Tools

Nothing helps developers to be more empowered and productive than a well-crafted development process. A great process will encourage individual developers to innovate and bring autonomous teams together for efficient collaboration. But how do you create such a process? You need the right tools for the job.

That’s why you should consider these 3 Atlassian products that help organizations around the world create robust development processes matching their needs.

Collaborate on code with Bitbucket

Bitbucket is a platform for managing source code and development projects that use Git or Mercurial revision control systems. Used today by 19,000 teams and 5 million developers, Bitbucket easily integrates with other Atlassian software products like Jira Software, Bamboo, or Confluence.

Why is Bitbucket so popular? Here are four good reasons:

  • Collaboration – the distributed version control system allows teams to collaborate on code files easily. Bitbucket is the only available collaborative Git solution that can be scaled to match the needs of a growing organization. Thanks to inline comments, developers can quickly talk about different fragments of code. That gives a serious collaboration boost to remote teams that are dispersed all over the world.
  • Asset storage and management – Bitbucket comes in handy for developers who rely on large assets. Thanks to Git Large File Storage (LFS), teams can track all files in one place and preview over 80 file types. Your team can upload large files anytime, and that’s a huge help in versioning them. The feature is scalable as well. As your user base grows, your team can use automation functionalities for building, testing, and deploying new features to enable faster release cycles that are key when you’re growing quickly.
  • Bitbucket Pipelines – this feature allows teams to manage the entire development workload inside Bitbucket. Once you select the repository, turn on pipelines, and you’re ready to go. You won’t need a separate tool that to help you through different stages of your workflow.
  • Integration with Jira Software – Bitbucket is integrated with Jira Software to help teams pull requests and commits with Jira issues easily.

Boost collaboration with Crucible

Crucible is a tool that allows teams to review code, share knowledge, discuss changes, and identify bugs across Git, Mercurial, SVN, CVS, and Perforce.

Teams can create workflow-based code reviews, assign reviewers from across the team and transform the code review into a threaded discussion by adding comments on specific files or source lines. Crucible offers a unified view into the entire code activity to help teams with reviews, comments, and commits.

How often did your team complain because of a delay in the review process? Now they can get a quick look at the review status and identify team members who may be holding it up.

The tool also offers access to a complete audit trail with all review details in one place. Easily integrated with Jira Software, Crucible allows teams to customize Jira workflows to stop if there are any open reviews or update issues on the basis of review activity.

Teams using Crucible can transform review comments into issues with one click, or connect Crucible to Bitbucket server easily and create reviews instantly for all new branches. Just like the rest of Atlassian products, Crucible can be easily customized to match the needs and preferences of teams.

Fish Eye

Fish Eye is a tool that helps teams visualize and report on their activity, as well as search for files, revisions, commits, or teammates across Git, Mercurial, CVS, SVN, and Perforce.

Thanks to Fish Eye, teams will be able to see changes with a side-by-side or unified diff tool and link Jira software issues directly to change the details, full source code, or diffs.

You can also get a graphic visualization of the activity in your source, visual audit trail of changes, and reports in the lines of code over time. That will be a great help to all teams in following what happened throughout the project. Teams can also benefit from activity streams that show commits, Jira Software issues, and Crucible review activities for greater transparency.

It’s easy to find code with search functionalities – teams can use any artifact in their code like file name, author, commit message, text, or even historical changes.

Coding with Atlassian

The Atlassian product suite enables teams to build, review, and deploy reliable software faster.

The best thing about these products is that they are all closely integrated with each other and teams that are already using Jira Software will easily integrate Bitbucket, Crucible, and Fish Eye into their workflow.

Do you have any questions about how Atlassian products can help developers build reliable software efficiently?

Share your questions in comments below or get in touch with our team of consultants – at Deviniti, we have ample experience  in helping organizations boost their development processes with scalability in mind.

Julita Sroczyńska

Several years of Julita’s experience with Atlassian tools allowed her to gain wide knowledge in the field of licensing policy and to make sure that these products improve work both in-unit and in the organizational structure. As she is a great Deviniti astronaut, she is happy to share this knowledge with clients, advise them on licensing issues and help in their optimization.

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