How to become a Software Tester

Updated on September 30th, 2021

Testing is an important part of the software development cycle, but still somewhat underrated. Fortunately, this approach is changing and  software tester is becoming one of the most desired specialists on the job market. This profession is also a frequent choice for people who want to change their career path to IT. There are many possibilities to become a tester, but how can we make sure that we are learning the best practices and useful tools? While you can easily learn the initial issues on your own, checking in practice requires cooperation with experienced specialists. See how to choose an educational institution that will allow you to spread your wings under a watchful eye of professionals.

Software tester – what is it

A software tester is a person whose work is crucial in ensuring high-quality software. This translates into the proper operation of the end product, a high level of customer satisfaction, and business value for the company. It’s hardly surprising that more and more people choose software testing as their main direction of development or as a change of career path, and that opens them the door to a career in IT.

A software tester is a profession that allows us to choose from many different specializations. Contrary to appearances, this is not a monotonous work, and it all depends on what kind of software we work with, e.g. the specificity of the game tester’s work is completely different than the specificity of the mobile application tester’s work. We can look for a project that will be in line with our preferences and predispositions. Remember that there’s always a difference between testing the payment module in the banking application, the display of product recommendations in the online store, and the correctness of the calculator operation.

The infographic presents the career paths of a software tester according to ISTQB. The ISTQB logo is in the upper left corner. The paths are divided into 3 areas: Agile, Core, and Specialist. The lowest range, common to all, is below the Core area: Foundation Level Certified Tester. In the Core area, the next steps are Advanced Level Test Management, Test Analyst, or Technical Test Analyst. The highest level is Expert Level Test Management or Improving The Test Process. In the Agile path, the first step is Foundation Level Agile Tester, the next is Advanced Level Agile Technical Tester and Agile Test Leadership at Scale (in beta 2021). In the Specialist path, the further steps are AI Testing, Security Tester, Test Automation Engineer, Model-Based Tester, Usability Testing, Automotive Software Tester, Gambling Industry Tester, Mobile Application Testing, Performance Testing, Acceptance Testing.
Source: ISTQB

Regardless of the project we choose, or whether we work as a manual tester, automation tester, QA specialist, QA engineer, there are several elements common to the work of a software tester. One of them is the need to report found errors and bugs. In today’s post-pandemic times, digital tools are already standard. Many solutions, such as Open-Source TestLink and a number of other commercial tools, support testers’ work. But just as some outstanding masterpieces of literature are included in the school reading canon, the best software is incorporated into the core curriculum at universities and testing schools. This group includes TestFLO for Jira, which helps testers in their daily work.

TestFLO – functions and use cases

Jira is a project management tool widely used by technical teams and business teams in various industries. Jira work management system is very flexible and can be configured in a way that will allow for the most precise adaptation to the way a given team works. However, due to the specific needs of testers, we decided to create a tool that will facilitate the management of test planning, test scenarios, and reporting, and at the same time will cooperate with Jira. This is how TestFLO was created.

If you are looking for an advanced multi-configurable tool that will also support automated testing, then TestFLO is for you. It is a tool that will work great in software houses and companies from the IT industry, and its users can be both testers and test managers. Thanks to this add-on, the level of automation of processes related to testing increases, and test teams can work even more efficiently.

The plugin is fully compatible with the latest version of Jira software. TestFLO can be freely adapted to the needs of a specific project, e.g. in the field of:

  • requirements,
  • post-functions,
  • validators.

Thanks to the intuitive interface, we can easily access all the neccesary information and save time. One of the main functions of TestFLO is a tree structure that allows us to categorize tests with folders according to our needs and greatly helps in managing all types of tests.

Screenshot shows Test Repository View in TestFLO.
Test Repository View in TestFLO

This add-on also allows creating Test Plans, which makes test monitoring easier. Thanks to its high flexibility, the test process can be defined to match the organization’s needs. The user can adjust the view of such elements as the Steps field, the Case panel on the Test Plan, or the test application workflow. That’s not all – TestFLO offers the user the ability to analyze the data obtained in the testing process and to generate various types of reports, e.g.:

  • Requirement Test Coverage Report,
  • Requirement Traceability Report,
  • Requirement Test Execution Report,
  • Test Plan Execution Report,
  • Test Plan Iterations Report,
  • Test Execution Report.

Deviniti supports education

At Deviniti, we not only constantly broaden our horizons, but most of all we love to share knowledge. We regularly organize internal workshops, create webinars about new technologies and the use of digital tools and processes, we’re also engaged in initiatives that serve the development of business and entrepreneurship, such as IT Corner. Deviniti supports the development of soft skills and cooperate with universities, such as Wrocław University of Economics and Business, Kozminski University in Warsaw, AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracow, WSB University, Coders Lab programming school. Let’s take a look at the universities that introduce testers to the basics of working with TestFLO.

About Coders Lab

The IT School Coders Lab has been operating in Poland and abroad for over 7 years and has developed a rich educational offer. Students can gain knowledge of programming (front-end and back-end), data analytics, and software testing. The technological stack is impressive, starting with JavaScript, Java, Python, .NET, PHP, SQL, React, Redux, Node.js, and Docker. Coders Lab’s offer is not only aimed at individual participants but also companies, because the school, like Deviniti, supports organizations in the digital transformation process.

Coders Lab courses are dedicated primarily to people who want to change the industry, but also improve their qualifications. This is especially useful when there is a shortage of IT specialists, the company plans to start projects in new technologies that the team doesn’t know yet, but also when as an employer we want to take care of employee development. Bootcamp allows us to quickly acquire the skills desired in the labor market, even by non-technical people.

The tester’s career path is divided into two areas – as a manual and an automatic tester. Courses are based on original learning materials, the quality of which is guaranteed by cooperation with over 300 partner companies. In the Manual Tester course program, Coders Lab explores a product created by Deviniti – TestFLO.

The Manual Tester course consists of two modules: theoretical (which prepares participants for obtaining the ISTQB certificate) and practical. As part of practical workshops, students learn how to use Jira integrated with TestFLO. The program includes also the following topics:

  • creation of basic applications (issue, story, epic),
  • creating a sprint and adding tasks to it,
  • communication in Jira and adding comments to applications,
  • design of Test Cases,
  • test planning using Test Plans,
  • execution of Test Cases and registration of their results,
  • reporting in Jira.

About WSB

WSB Universities are a group of private schools that started operating in 1998. Currently, WSB has branches in 10 cities in Poland, and the offer includes a full range of opportunities: 1st and 2nd-degree studies, postgraduate studies, MBA, executive MBA, training, and courses. What distinguishes WSB from other universities is the idea of work-life balance. Students have no problem combining study with private life and work thanks to properly arranged timetables and the possibility to choose from a wide range of courses also in the extramural and evening system. There are also courses of study where classes are held completely remotely.

As part of WSB, candidates may undertake postgraduate studies in the field of Software Testing. Here, the path of a manual tester immediately connects to automated testing, because from the very beginning students need to pay attention to programming in Python, code creation, and working with test automation tools. Participants are also prepared for the ISTQB Foundation Level exam, which allows them to obtain an international certificate. Theoretical lectures are a form of introduction to the profession and supplementing knowledge, and a significant part of the study program is practice.

Students have access to professional digital tools, such as Jira, Bitbucket Server, Bamboo, Confluence, and TestFLO. Using the newly acquired skills, students have to prepare their own project, which is also a form of the postgraduate final exam and allows them to obtain a certificate of completion of the training: Software Tester. WSB students learn how to:

  • comprehensively manage tests in Jira,
  • use a repository of reusable test cases,
  • create and copy entire Test Plans,
  • use the report module,
  • integrate TestFLO with defects and requirements,
  • integrate TestFLO with CI tools (Jenkins and Bamboo),
  • automate tests,
  • publish test results in real-time.

Deviniti – professionalism and passion

At Deviniti, the most important part of our work is creating products that bring value to users. We’re pleased that TestFLO has also been used to educate IT professionals, and we hope that our Jira app will help users optimize their work.

Do you want to learn more about TestFLO’s functions? Contact us – our experts will be happy to answer all your questions. Moreover, we strongly encourage you to meet our other initiatives through our blog: