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Cloud Services

Cloud hosting, implementation, and maintenance

Save costs and gain flexibility. Our experts can help you in the effective design, implementation, and support of dedicated cloud-based solutions.

What We Offer

CI/CD Toolchain
  • Building the whole toolchain for CI/CD
  • CI/CD on-premise, in the cloud, or hybrid
  • Partnerships with GitLab, Perforce and Atlassian
  • The complete software development process
  • Maintenance and support
  • On-premise hosting
  • Cloud hosting in Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and OVH
  • Hybrid hosting
  • Expertise in hosting Atlassian Jira and Confluence
  • Putting up GitLab and Helix Core (Perforce) cloud infrastructure

Cloud Migration
  • Migrating custom applications to the cloud
  • Application refactoring before migrating it to the cloud
  • Cloud structure optimization (including cost optimization)

Cloud Infrastructure Maintenance
  • Regular monitoring of your infrastructure's performance, health, and security
  • Containerizing applications using Kubernetes and Docker

How We Work


We start with workshops to design the architecture and choose the right tools.


We build the Work Breakdown Structure and set the communication channels


We build the whole infrastructure, all the components and deploy them.


We run all tests, move to acceptance and build the same solutions on production.


We provide documentation, back strategy to use and maintain the solution.


We start providing support and maintenance.


Saving Money - Orange
Cost savings

The pay-as-you-go model in the cloud lets you reduce all the infrastructure expenses that you don't use right now to the minimum. You only pay for the resources that were actually used in the project implementation. This way, the expenses related with the entry threshold of the infrastructure are significantly lower than your local infrastructure. You also won't be charged when you stop using a specific service or resource.

Layoff - Orange
Resources savings

You don't have to hire qualified staff for maintaining your complex infrastructure. With the services provided by the cloud platform, you can automate such a process.

Flexibility - Orange

The cloud is a synonym of flexibility. The resources are scaling up during peak traffic and back in periods of regular consumption. Savings resulting from the scalability can significantly impact the overall performance of the organization and allow greater freedom in the development.

Security - Orange

The highest level of security of the infrastructure and all resources sent to the platform can be achieved by the broad configuration possibilities. We can choose from a range of services that ensure safety at the required level.

Umbrella - Orange

Data High Availability is guaranteed from the very beginning of operations, thanks to the cloud technology which allows multidimensional information storage. In the event of an emergency, your data will be available in a fraction of a second from a different location. Cloud-based services provide rapid data recovery for all types of emergencies - from natural disasters to power outages. Several dedicated security mechanisms reduce periods of possible downtime to a minimum.

Services - Orange
CI/CD optimization

The use of services compatible with the DevOps model and provided by cloud platforms optimize the entire process of software development. The goal is to increase the efficiency of production and implementation of new products and services, reduce production and maintenance costs, and shorten the time limits for introducing products and services to the market. Automation is the accelerator of every company’s development and the one based on cloud solutions guarantees total safety and security.

You Can Trust Us

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Deviniti has several years of experience in cloud solutions development and deployment. We have the highly skilled experts onboard who also offer trainings in GitLab, SonarQube, and JFrog.

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