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Hosting tailored to your needs

Choosing a suitable hosting model brings many benefits to your business. We will select hosting for your software, taking into account individual requirements such as availability, scalability, and cost. We provide services in consulting, system implementation, and maintenance - both in the cloud and on-premise. The wide range of available solutions will satisfy even the most demanding users and administrators. Share your needs with us and discover a galaxy of possibilities!


We will design a complete hosting architecture for your solution, select a provider that meets your requirements, and carry out the configuration process. We will develop custom software that will support your infrastructure effectively. After initializing the system, we won’t leave you alone - we will still take care of the hosting and infrastructure by regularly monitoring its health, performance, and security.

The on-premise solution means hosting on your server or the provider's stationary servers. Such a model guarantees maximum security and data protection. We also have experience in hosting Atlassian tools (Jira and Confluence).
This solution allows you to scale data usage to traffic needs at any given time and doesn’t require setting up your own server infrastructure. We offer cloud hosting in Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, or OVH. If you already use the cloud, we will optimize the structure and costs.
Our experts will prepare a hybrid solution for you, in which some data will be stored on on-premise servers and some in the cloud. Thanks to this, you will gain flexibility and security.


Thanks to many years of experience in the IT industry, we know how to combine various tools in such a way as to fully use their potential. That is why we have prepared packages of tools for you that comprehensively service processes in your company. By choosing a package, you gain a number of benefits for your business.

Support throughout the software development process
Comprehensively supports the work of teams
Adapts well to individual needs, flexibility
Provides high security in the form of backups
CI/CD optimization
Lower costs
Saving resources - automation of infrastructure maintenance
Reliability, multi-dimensional information storage
Fast error detection
Freedom of choice of the offered license

How does it work?

We offer a toolkit for automating the software development process, based on the AWS service, and is available immediately (within one day).

The toolkit includes GitLab, SonarQube, JFrog Aritifactory, and Xray with access to the application in the SaaS model or on the client's AWS account. Each of the services is highly available, scalable, and monitored. All data is backed up.

A comprehensive platform for professionals to store the source code.
A tool for static code analysis, thanks to which you can quickly catch errors (e.g., typos).
Professional artifact storage software.

Trust the experts

We are a partner in the development of your business. We support you at every stage, from choosing a license to managing and configuring the package.

We provide comprehensive support in the purchase and management of licenses.
Training sessions conducted by our specialists will help your team take full advantage of the entire toolkit’s potential.
Our team of specialists provides assistance in the optimization and implementation of our package in your company.
Thanks to the help of our specialists, you will quickly transfer your processes and projects to the new platform.
We will audit the current software development process, toolkit, and configuration in your company.
Our specialists will take care of the administration and maintenance of the entire package.

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