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We offer comprehensive solutions based on products adapted to the needs of customers and supporting their development.We advise our clients about directions they should follow and indicate which tools they should use to achieve key objectives.

We are able to perfectly connect with our clients, and use our tools and products to meet the specific goals set by our clients such as establishment of the DevOps culture or more comprehensive use of ITIL management practices.

Why Custom Development?

For many years, we have provided clients with the best available tools and custom solutions perfectly matching their needs. We focused on developing technologies that responded to specific problems our clients encountered, and advanced IT solutions have become the main domain of specialist knowledge offered by us.

Because the core elements of our solutions have become repetitive,we have created a set of basic functions that can be implemented as part of services provided to clients.

The direction of our activities is moving toward holistic solutions so that comprehensive projects not only help our clients to solve specific problems, but also facilitate the scaling of their business.


We believe in Agile, but we are ready to work in accordance with the requirements of our clients. We carefully choose the methodology, adjusting it to the business environment, requirements, restrictions, and publishing cycles. Our approach is perfectly adapted to the requirements of the environment.

In the case of risky ventures with a high degree of uncertainty, for development of a new product or continuous development of existing systems our recommendation is Agile and the selection of the appropriate Agile methodology.

However, some projects perfectly match the classic Waterfall approach. When the scope of the project is well-defined and stable from the beginning, the Waterfall model may be a better solution.

Our competences are not only in high-level technologies and modern frameworks,but also solid knowledge of programming languages, best practices, design patterns and protocols. Only complete knowledge of basic technologies entitles us to use sophisticated and complex solutions.

Our employees are certified in the Scrum, PMBOK, Prince2, and ITIL methodology. We have extensive experience coming from many completed projects in diverse teams. We are ready to support our clients, transfer our knowledge and train other in the field of project management methodologies.

We trusted open-source solutions from the beginning, in particular the JAVA and Spring Framework platforms. Over a dozen years of experience allowed us to achieve the expert level in the implementation of applications and systems based on these frameworks.

The use of modern web technologies such as Angular or React raises our projects to a higher level. Techniques such as layer separation, reactive approach and asynchronous processing make applications reliable and efficient. They also enable swift creation of interactive prototypes.

The systems that we create are based on data. Data access and processing layers are very important to us. That is why we carefully select appropriate database technologies and frameworks such as Hibernate, Spring Data and Big Data technologies. We are experienced in using relational databases and modern NoSQL solutions, search engines, and distributed databases.


We are constantly developing our skills and improving our competences in the fields of project management methodologies and software development. We actively participate in organizations related to the topic of project management, and attend numerous conferences and meetings. Our experts creatively develop the idea of ​​Agile, introducing innovations and constantly improving the process. We also conduct periodic internal training so that the entire team understands the ideas, values, ​​and principles resulting from the methodology we use.


Only the full trust of our clients allows us to operate efficiently and in harmony with the spirit of Agile. That is why we are completely transparent in our activities and strive to work closely with the client at every stage of the project’s development. We try to adapt settlement models to the chosen project management method, so that these processes complement each other, run smoothly, and allow us to focus on what is most important – creating value for the client.


We have spent 16 years developing and improving our approach to software development and the quality of our services.
Time invested in defining and building appropriate architecture, infrastructure, and processes was a good investment.

Our industry is specific as all fields of computer science are developing at a rapid pace, which constant education about new technologies. We participate in courses, trainings, workshops, meetings, and numerous conferences.

Our employees exchange knowledge by organizing regular internal trainings. Thanks to this, we are up to date with all new trends and qualified to implement new techniques and tools that improve the quality of our services and products.

Clean code

Self-documenting code

Test Driven Development

Mock-up and prototype

Static code and analysis

Domain driven development

UX design and research

Customer experience

Continuous integration


Api Driven Development



We are an IT company and know it is the most modern technology that allows us to implement projects,
and transform bold visions of our clients into real business value. Most of our solutions are based on JAVA technology and SPRING framework.
We are JAVA experts, but our teams are able to provide all types of web and mobile applications.

In our work, we successfully use Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment, and Continuous Delivery processes. We use a number of tools and technologies that automate the implementation process, support containerization and code quality analysis.

In practice, we apply the “shift-left” principle, which involves programmers in the process of quality assurance. The creation and execution of automated tests is the responsibility of programmers, thanks to which errors are detected at an earlier stage and their removal cost is smaller.

Web applications

We are JAVA experts, but our teams are able to provide all types of web and mobile applications.

Knowledge and experience

We have extensive experience in creating both backend and frontend, building and displaying complex APIs, integration with enterprise-class solutions, operation with Big Data, and designing complex architectures.


The wide use of automation in software development allows us to provide high-quality, fail-safe solutions. It is human to make mistakes, so we focus on the repeatability of proven techniques and processes, and automation to the fullest extent. We strive to ensure that the entire process of software delivery proceeds automatically. We use the right tools, scripts, and sometimes our own solutions to build a complete delivery pipeline.


Thanks to constant improvements, we build a better, repeatable, and reliable process of software development, from the idea to implementation. The wide use of automation in the software development process allows us to provide high-quality, fail-safe solutions.

Our automation system starts with version control, through continuous integration, test automation and quality control gateways, artifact repositories, automated deployment, configuration management, and even automated creation and configuration of the environment.

Process automation

Our automation system starts with version control, through continuous integration, test automation and quality control gateways, artifact repositories, automated deployment, configuration management, and even automated creation and configuration of the environment.

Our experience works to your favor.

We share our experience with clients and have repeatedly participated in projects focused on automating the process of software creation and delivery.

Mobile applications

We are able to create comprehensive systems including web and mobile customers.

Our developers are skilled at creating native applications for Android and iOS platforms. We use modern Swift and Kotlin languages ​​and we can efficiently organize the production, testing, and publication of mobile applications. In our projects, we use the knowledge and experience of experts in the field of usability and design of User Interfaces. Our applications are reliable, efficient, useful, and effective.


We focus on stable and proven solutions.

At the same time, we are constantly looking for innovations that allow us to efficiently implement complicated systems while maintaining a high level of quality and reliability. We automate the entire software development process, implement the DevOps culture, and use the benefits of containerization.

Our innovations are not only code and the production process, they are products of a constant search for improvements in the field of project documentation, tools used, or even in communication technologies used by our teams.

Do you have any questions? Do you want to learn more?
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