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As part of the DevOps methodology, we use the products of our partners. Choosing the best solutions and most effective tools is our top priority.



Essential tool for planning and collaboration, as well as tracking and implementing work. Used by Agile teams.


A platform that supports developers throughout the entire development process, starting from repository building and writing the first lines of code to building pipelines, testing, and deployment.


Version control system that simplifies and accelerates collaboration between developers building software.


A modern tool for developers and administrators for creating and launching applications in the virtual container environment.


The company behind Freshdesk, Freshservice, Freshsales, Freshcaller, Freshteam, Freshchat, and Freshmarketer. The product suite includes well-integrated tools that allow smooth collaboration and communication within teams and between teams and clients.


Platform for managing compliance and security of open source licenses. It eliminates the danger of using outdated or sketchy open source libraries during the software development process.


Version control system for databases. Full automation of merging, build, and deployment processes.

Deviniti is an Atlassian Partner with Platinum and Enterprise statuses.
We also hold the Golden Top Vendor title among Atlassian partners.

Benefits from neoLegal implementation

Benefits from neoLegal implementation

Advantages of implementing the neoLegal legal management system Deviniti has got a lot of experience when it comes to the implementation of processes and information…

Martyna Wiśnik 21 January 2019
NeoLegal - functions of system for managing legal services

NeoLegal - functions of system for managing legal services

System for managing legal services A good system for employees and managers at law firms or legal departments in enterprises should enable effective portfolio…

Martyna Wiśnik 21 January 2019
Test Management in Jira

Test Management in Jira

Software development is a complicated activity that consists of many different processes. One of them is test management. The topic of quality assurance, software…

Marcin Żurawiecki 21 January 2019
Differences between GitLab versions v. 2019

Differences between GitLab versions v. 2019

Gitlab currently offers 8 different system versions, including free, paid, cloud-based and installed on the on-premises servers or hosted. In this article, we…

Radoslaw Kosiec 18 January 2019