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Docker is a modern tool for developers and administrators
who want to create and run applications in a virtual container environment.

It successfully replaces the classic virtualization such as  Hyper-V or VMware, but it works differently.

Docker’s creators used the so-called containers to enable users to start application processes without having to emulate the entire hardware layer and operating system.


Thanks to this approach, organizations can use equipment resources more efficiently.


Speed and efficiency in creating a development environment for everyproject.


Isolated environments – containers work independently of each other.

No restrictions

Containers have no limits – we can run any number of containers on a single system.

Deviniti - Docker’s authorized partner

We have been striving to be at the forefront of companies that provide innovative IT solutions.

As a group of experts and enthusiasts of modern solutions, we are convinced that Docker is a perfect tool both for fast virtualization and creating more complex deployment environments.

Service and support


We advise on how to apply Docker containerization at your company to increase the efficiency of your resources.


We provide users of Docker software knowledge about using these tools efficiently.


We implement software you buy from us and help in migrating data from different systems.


We help you customize the Docker software to meet the individual needs of your company.


We maintain and monitor software implemented by us following the 24x7x365 or 8×5 model.

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Radosław Kosiec

+48 502 317 555
I will explain all licensing issues and prepare a favorable offer for your organization.

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