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Deviniti – Docker’s official Partner in Poland

Radoslaw Kosiec - 21 March 2018 - 0 comments

Docker is an innovative tool built for programmers and administrators to create and run applications in a virtual container environment. Thus far, with tremendous success, it is replacing classic server virtualization such as Hyper-V or VMware all thanks to its efficiency.  The creators of Docker, using the system resource savings approach, applied the use of ‘containers’. The container-based system allows launching and running isolated application processes without the need to emulate virtual hardware freeing up valuable resources.

The primary benefits of using Docker are:

  •       Speed.  The ease of creating environments according to the requirements of each additional project.
  •       Security.  Isolated environments – containers perform independent of each other.
  •       No limits.  Containers do not have limits – ability to launch any desired number of containers under one system.

Our goal as an organization is to maintain our competitive edge by leading innovative delivery in information technology solutions.  It is our expert opinion that Docker is an excellent tool for quick virtualization processes, as well as creating complex deployment environments.

It is primarily for this reason why in the beginning of March of 2018 our organization Deviniti became an authorized partner of Docker in Poland.  In the weeks that followed, we acquired the necessary skills and expertise in the container-based solutions as well as creation and management of Docker’s complex infrastructure.  At last, our competencies have been verified and our experts certified by Docker Inc.

Currently, our team of experts provides the necessary support in adopting the container-based project solutions, as well as planning and execution of a dedicated infrastructure based on Docker’s mechanisms.

We provide our adoption services in a cloud, as well as local servers.

Please contact our Polish engineers directly.  We will provide the answers to all your questions and assist you in the selection of the best tools possible.  We will arrange a free demonstration workshop during which we’ll present how you can optimize the work of your team.

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