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  • Build a Winning User Interface with Dynamic Forms

    by Krzysztof Skoropada Dec 20, 2016 0 Jira apps


    Users who are new to JIRA might find the environment rather complicated.

    What if you could simplify your JIRA user interface and help your users to make sense of it?

    That’s where our Dynamic Forms plugin comes in.

    Designed with JIRA users in mind, this plugin is bound to make your interface understandable even to those who have never worked with JIRA before.


    How it Works?

    Dynamic Forms allows controlling the visibility of fields and tabs on a JIRA user interface.

    Instead of showing users the entire array of functionalities, you can restrict their view to selected fields or tabs, and set default values for these fields.

    That’s how you build an interface which is fully relevant to your business context.

    Dynamic Forms helps to boost the usability of your JIRA user interface by removing all the fields that users won’t need in their daily work.

    Needless to say, tailoring the user interface leads in this way leads to a dramatic improvement in user experience. Building a custom user interface in JIRA, you’ll be helping users to make the most out of its functionalities.

    Let’s take a closer look at the different components of Dynamic Forms to show you how they can help you in building an elegant and functional JIRA user interface.


    Overview of Dynamic Custom Fields (CF)

    Dynamic custom fields allow to choose from different field options. You can also define related custom fields for each of these options. Once you do that, the related custom fields will appear only when the user chooses a particular option from the dynamic custom field.

    That’s how you build a simple and functional JIRA interface for your users.

    How to add a dynamic custom field? After installing Dynamic Forms, head straight to Administration, pick the Issues tab and choose Custom Fields. A new CF type should be waiting there for you.

    Have a look here for more details on how to configure a custom field in JIRA.

    Dynamic custom fields can have one of these three values:

    • Dynamic Select
    • Dynamic Radio Buttons
    • Secured Select

    You can also choose a multi-value custom field called Dynamic Checkboxes.

    Dynamic Forms allows for implementing a smart Autocomplete function of your dynamic custom fields as well.

    Have a look here to learn more about the configuration of dynamic custom fields and check the list of fields supported by the plugin.


    Dynamic Select CF

    This custom field allows to show or hide particular fields. Note that it works for both edit and transition screens.

    How to create a custom interface for your JIRA users?

    When configuring this component of the plugin, you’ll need to define the relationships between fields. At this point, you also decide which fields are mandatory and which won’t be displayed on the user interface.

    You can assign custom messages to related fields. These will show up if a user doesn’t fill the field that had been marked as mandatory.

    Moreover, Dynamic Select CF efficiently addresses the common problem with the ‘None’ value since you can simply turn the empty value option off. For more information about this, check out this page or have a look here.

    All the above helps to efficiently build simpler user interfaces that are perfectly optimized to your business needs and boost user productivity in using JIRA.

    Head over here to learn more about the configuration of this functional custom field type.


    Select Options Mapper CF

    Select Options Mapper allows mapping a person or static data to a custom field. It can be text, group, user, or project – all these come from the dictionary.

    Once you create a mapping, you can utilize it across all your JIRA issues.

    For example, if you’d like to instantly show the person responsible for a particular task based on the selected department, it’s enough to define the mapping in one place, and it will work for all your issues.

    Select Options Mapper is a custom field type, so if you’d like your users to benefit from this smart functionality, just follow the regular procedure of adding custom fields in JIRA.

    Once you’re facing the configuration screen, choose select field – it can also be cascade select or dynamic select. Now just enter the mapping values for each option and your job is done.

    Have a look here for a more detailed coverage of Select Options Mapper CF configuration.


    Secure Select CF

    This custom field is just great if you’d like to restrict options for particular user groups or roles.

    For example, if you want to block a group of users from setting select options, the Secured Options Select CF is your best pick.

    How to get started with this functional CF type?

    Head over to the plugin page and choose Secure Select. In the field’s configuration page, you’ll see that each option will include a ‘Configure Visibility’ link. Click on it, and you’ll be redirected to groups/roles selection screen.

    Now configure the CF to suit your needs, and you’re done!

    You can convert already existing select custom fields into Secure Select.

    All values related to JIRA issues will stay intact. You can do that by going to your plugin page and choosing Migrate CF to Secure Select option. Pick all the custom fields you’d like to migrate and press the button. Restart your JIRA and reindex it.

    Want to learn more about migration? Head over here.


    Tabs Visibility Control

    The Tabs Visibility Control CF allows hiding screen tabs that are based on select custom field value.   

    Now head over to the configuration page and add this field to your screen. You’ll be able to add mappings between your tabs and Dynamic Forms Select – building a user interface that is perfectly optimized to the needs of your JIRA users.

    To show more tabs at once, use our new experimental semicolon feature. Have a look at this page for an example and more information on how to configure this CF to your benefit.


    Key Takeaway

    Simplifying your JIRA user interface is a smart move.

    Dynamic Forms is a plugin designed to boost the usability of your JIRA instance and help its users to make the most out of its functionalities without breaking a sweat.

    With Dynamic Forms, you’ll create a user-friendly environment which helps your JRA users to become more productive than ever.

    Interested to see how Dynamic Forms can optimize JIRA interface for your business goals? Try the plugin for free here.

Krzysztof Skoropada Head of Atlassian Apps

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Sąd Rejestrowy: Sąd rejonowy dla Wrocławia - Fabrycznej

IV Wydział Gospodarczy Krajowego Rejestru Sądowego KRS 0000223645