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  • Enhanced Queues in JIRA Service Desk

    by Krzysztof Skoropada Feb 02, 2017 2 Atlassian Jira apps recomended


    There’s no better way to organize the work of your Service Desk team than by setting up queues.

    Queues can be easily configured to match the current needs of your organization.

    Using queues, you can automatically triage and prioritize issues.

    For example, if you want your team to focus on requests that must be completed within this week, you can set up a queue which includes only requests with a due date set for that week.

    Queues help to make sure that everyone is working on the right requests at the right time. It’s thanks to queues that your team can manage requests in real time, practically as soon as they arrive.

    Here’s a guide to help you boost the efficiency of your queues with our brand new plugin dedicated to easier management of JIRA SD requests.


    What is a Queue and Why You Should Care?

    In JIRA Service Desk, customer requests become issues which can be located and managed in queues.

    A queue is basically list of issues which are displayed on the basis of particular criteria.

    JIRA Service Desk by default offers a selection of pre-configured queues which help users organize issues for teams. If you need a different type of queue, you can easily create a custom queue with the required configuration – for example, to help optimize the view of your requests for agents.

    Only service desk administrators can create new queues, edit queues, delete queues or reorder them.

    For example, to control the order of issues in a queue, administrators should consider the structure of the JQL statement used to set up their queue.

    Agents can view queues, see how many issues are in each queue, or switch between different queues to ensure that the team is working on the right issues at the right time.

    Remember that agents can’t create custom queues, edit the existing queues, or change the ordering of queues.

    Here’s a comprehensive guide for setting up queues for your team.


    Boost Your Queue Management, Here’s How

    Since queuing is essential to the life of every Service Desk team, we decided to look into some possible ways to boost the efficiency of the teams which take care of customer requests listed in these queues.

    That’s why we developed a plugin dedicated to helping JIRA users better manage their queues by limiting and enhancing their visibility to groups or individual users.

    With Queues for JIRA Service Desk, you can limit the visibility of queues to selected users with a few clicks.

    Why is this feature important?

    Imagine an organization which has thousands of queues listed on their Service Desk.

    Teams hired to handle these requests might find it hard to navigate through this immense number of queues. And that will have direct impact on their performance.

    That’s why limiting the visibility of queues could easily become game changing for this company.

    Restricting the access to queues is a smart method for ensuring top productivity of a team. By limiting the availability of queues, team members won’t have to sift through the thousands of queues which are intended for other teams.

    The team will only see the queues for which they’re responsible. Handling the issues listed in these queues will be much easier and smoother, significantly boosting the productivity of your Service Desk.

    But that’s not everything.

    Our plugin also allows to make one queue visible in several different projects. This type of cross-project visibility isn’t part of the standard JIRA SD queue configuration.

    Imagine that you’re in a situation where you need to make two portals available for your customers, for example your partners and merchants.

    Each of these groups will have different requirements for a portal. And you don’t want to make the information in the portal for partners available to the merchants.

    Since Service Desk can only relate to one project, you’d need to set up two different projects. At the same time, you’d like your queue to be visible to both of them.

    Using our plugin, you can consolidate the queue view for these two Service Desk projects to make the management of this queue easier to your Service Desk team. Smart, isn’t it?

    What’s next for our plugin? We’re currently working on another feature that will enable users to remotely manage queues.



    Key Takeaway

    You can bet that your Service Desk team will spend most of their time working out of the queues you set up for them.

    That’s why it’s key that you find smart ways to manage your queues with their productivity in mind.

    Our plugin provides an easy way to extend the functionality of JIRA Service Desk to help boost the output of your Service Desk team.


Krzysztof Skoropada Head of Atlassian Apps

As a Head of Atlassian apps, together with a team of 130 experts, I help companies select the correct app for Atlassian according to their individual needs. I am proud of the fact that more than 2 million people from companies such as listed below are trusted clients: CISCO, Ferrari, Samsung, KBC Bank, Deloitte, Allianz, Blizzard Entertainment, Lufthansa, Walmart, Spotify, Sony, MetLife and many more.

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Sąd Rejestrowy: Sąd rejonowy dla Wrocławia - Fabrycznej

IV Wydział Gospodarczy Krajowego Rejestru Sądowego KRS 0000223645