Test Management for JIRA
Solution which optimizes Test Management Process
With test plans, dashboards and traceability reports
For: Software Test Managers & Testers
Issue Templates for JIRA (Gold Edition)
Increases work time efficiency for all JIRA users
With auto-filled variable, value copying during transitions
For: JIRA Admins and Users
Issue SYNC
Synchronization for JIRA
Integrates two JIRA instances in the safest way possible
With highly configurable issue synchronization options
For: CTOs and JIRA Admins
Active Directory Attributes Sync 2
Get and update user attributes from Active Directory
With integrations, custom fields
For: Support Teams, JIRA Users
Extension for JIRA Service Desk
All necessary features to boost JIRA Service Desk
With multilevel structure, SLAs, many more
For: JIRA Service Desk Admins and Users
Dynamic Forms for JIRA
Optimizes form filling in issues for all JIRA users
With dynamic fields presentation, configurable user views, many more
For: JIRA Admins and Users
Actions for JIRA Service Desk
Add Workflow Actions with screens support to Customer Portal
With configurable issue edition, presentation options
For: JIRA Service Desk Admins and Users
Enterprise Password Policy for JIRA
Allows implementation of all required password standards
With periodic password changes, notifications of expiring passwords
For: JIRA Admins
Trello™ Sync for JIRA
Synchronizes JIRA projects with Trello™ boards
With advanced synchronization options
For: CTOs, JIRA Admins and Business Users

Products of our partners

Our execution of dedicated systems

Mass Vindication
System supporting the process of mass judicial
collection of receivables
With packages of lawsuits and enforcement applications to e-court
For: Legal and Loan Recovery Departments, Law Offices
Bank Account Seizures
System for managing enforcement titles and transferring blocked funds from bank accounts
With automation of seizures from bank accounts
For: Banks and Financial Institutions
Mystery Shopping
System supporting performance audits carried out via “mystery shopper” method
With audits recruitment, survey editor, online reports for customers
For: Opinion Research Agencies - audits of service quality
CFM - leasing and vehicle fleet management
System for leasing sale and leased vehicle fleet management
With leasing of vehicle fleet, technical service, tyres, insurance, petrol
For: Leasing and Car Rental Companies
Legal information system
With set of legal acts, ordering comments on legal acts
For: for legal information
System for managing law firms / legal departments
With service issues, e-court, calendars
For: Law Firms, Legal Departments
System for legal information with the compliance module
With automatic legal alerts, ordering comments on legal acts
For: Law Firms, Legal Departments
Excellent for online marketing campaigns management
With managing multi-channel campaigns based on various salary schemes
For: Managers and Operators of Marketing Campaigns
Innovative system for automation and optimization of online promotional activities
With activity optimization, result analysis, automation of production, ready to use templates
For: Advertising, Interactive and Media Agencies