Why have we changed our name?

Our organization needed a new brand, because our current name is no longer consistent with our vision.

With global challenges ahead of us, we need a name that resonates with a worldwide audience and reflects our dedication to helping our partners scale their businesses.

Today we approach IT problems holistically, making use of the skills and expertise we have acquired during the last decade. We not only provide software solutions but actively participate in the business success of organizations that use our products.



What does Deviniti mean?

Deviniti combines two words: development and infinity.

Development is the foundation of our mindset. We believe that our development will be reinforced by the effort we put in developing the businesses of our customers, as well as the ecosystem of all our partners. We want it to become our trademark.

Infinity means for us, that we invest in long-term relationships, maintain the trust of our partners and stay committed to delivering top business value.

Our promise

The central claim that guides us on the path to the future is: Technology-Driven Results.

We aim to develop solutions that support the business performance of our partners.

We hope that you join us on this journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What has changed at the company following the introduction of the new name, Deviniti?

Except for our name, everything remains the same at our company. The team has not changed, and we continue to work with people we trust. The quality of our work has not changed either. We try to do just as much – or perhaps even more – when it comes to delivering measurable business results to our partners. The ownership structure of our company has not changed. Except changing our name, everything remains the same at our company regarding its formal and legal aspects.

2. Where did the idea for the new name come from?

Our team came up with the name Deviniti. It is a combination of two words that characterize our daily work: development and infinity.

3. I need new graphics, with whom should I get in touch?

Reach out to our CMO, Marcin Dziedzic, at marcin.dziedzic@deviniti.com. He will be happy to provide you with everything you need.

4. I signed a contract with a company called InTENSO, but now the same company is called Deviniti. What should I do?

As a general rule, it is not necessary to amend the agreements after one of the parties changes its name. However, if you need to be fully confident in this matter, reach out to our CMO, Marcin Dziedzic, at marcin.dziedzic@deviniti.com. He will be happy to direct you to a person who will dispel all doubt and ensure that your contract matches your needs.

5. Should I change e-mail addresses?

Our existing e-mail and website addresses will be available for some time. Though, we encourage you to already use new addresses with deviniti.com domain name and to make changes in your address books.

If you’ve got any questions about our new brand, please contact our Chief Marketing Officer,
Marcin Dziedzic, at marcin.dziedzic@deviniti.com