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Jira Service Desk Day 2018

Timetable & Speakers

9:00 AM



Gather in the lobby, shake hands, grab your swag and some coffee, and get ready for Jira Service Desk Day!

9:30 AM



Dan Radigan, Atlassian - Statuspage Notes on Atlassian's Value-based Incident Response

Incidents can take literally any form and size. There’s not a person in your enterprise who isn’t involved in some kind of incident every day, from a production outage of your SaaS product that impacts customers and revenue to a broken pipe on the 7th floor. Atlassians share how using a set of values allows our team to be more successful more often in any situation.

Dan is a Senior Technical Account Manager with Atlassian. His focus is working with Atlassian’s largest customers helping them succeed at scale. As a TAM, Dan works with a few key customers and goes deep into not only their Atlassian usage, but the team dynamics of the organization as a whole. He helps customers evolve culture, process, and tools to help them drive towards their business goals.

Phil Lavery, Riada - How Riada Insight and Jira Service Desk Complete a Full ITSM Solution

An overview discussion of how Riada Insight and Insight Discovery integrate with Jira Service Desk to provide a flexible, scalable ITSM Solution. The discussion will describe the value provided by an extendable CMDB (Configuration Management Database) with customer examples.

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Katarzyna Pawlak, Deviniti - How to Improve Your Customer's Journey Through Jira Service Desk

Our own Senior Atlassian Apps Manager will show you some advanced possibilities of customising Jira Service Desk on each step of the customer journey – from the Help Center homepage, through request forms, up to submitting feedback upon successful ticket resolution. She will present you the solutions being used by over 2,700 teams around the world (including Airbnb, Airbus, Apple, Cisco or Spotify) to ensure their customers excellent user experience.

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Krzysztof Skoropada, Deviniti - Why You Should Design Your Own Customer Portal

According to the latest report by Customer Contact Week Digital, reducing customer effort and improving user experience are the top priorities for customer service tools development in 2018. These include automation and navigation improvements as well as branding and redesigning possibilities. That’s why both Atlassian and Marketplace app vendors are receiving more and more requests from their clients for being able to customise the user interface of Jira Service Desk. However being rich in features and helpful in streamlining service operations, this Atlassian tool does not provide a lot of possibilities if it comes to changing its UI. Or does it?

Krzysztof Skoropada is Atlassian Apps Head at Deviniti. During 6 years of the company’s presence on the Atlassian Marketplace, he has managed to establish a 40-person team, put out a total of 31 apps for Jira Service Desk, Jira Software, Confluence and Bitbucket, successfully implement them at over 5000 companies in 103 countries and drive Deviniti to a founding Gold Top Vendor status in the Ecosystem.

Justin Leader, HyperVelocity Consulting - 2 Keys to Accelerating Team Performance with Atlassian's Jira Apps: Training and Customization

Justin Leader, CEO of HyperVelocity Consulting, will talk about his team’s methods for increasing adoption and powerful use of Jira and Service Desk performance. He’ll detail their methods for interactive Jira training and a consulting approach to Jira customization that IT Tools teams can bring in-house to build high-performing environments for their customer teams.

12:00 PM



Take a rest, have some food and drinks, and discuss what you’ve learned with your colleagues!

1:00 PM



Matt Doar, AUG San Francisco Leader - What Worries Me About Jira Plugins

In the past 14 years, Matt has helped over 150 large companies with their business-critical Jira instances. When there are problems, it’s often a particular Jira plugin, add-on or app to blame. So he is very careful about which plugins he recommends. This talk covers how he chooses when to install a plugin, and what he asks the plugin vendor about. Finally, he will list the plugins he uses at work, including two new ones he installed this summer.

Matt has been working with Atlassian products since 2004. He ran his own consulting company for five years, was the Chief Toolsmith at ServiceRocket for six years, and is now working at LinkedIn. He helps run one of the largest Jira instances in the world. He has also written a number of O’Reilly books including Practical Jira Administration.

See the slides from the presentation

Jacek Wizmur-Szymczak, Spartez - Faster Request Resolution and Higher Customer Satisfaction with Chat for Jira Service Desk

When dealing with customers (both internal and external), you need a system to streamline the support process. Many users prefer to use live chat, which gives them instant gratification as it’s a quick, easy to use and direct tool. Learn how to increase customer satisfaction, gain much better feedback and more leads thanks to the Chat solution that is fully integrated with Jira Service Desk!

Bogusław Osuch, Deviniti - How MetLife Pioneered in Jira Service Desk Implementation

Our own Head of Atlassian Services will tell the story of one of the world’s leading financial services companies, which was one of the first to implement Jira Service Desk in IT services back in early 2014. Before JSD, they had used several systems and processes to manage requests, which were not integrated with each other. It could be email, open source OTRS, IBM ClearQuest or a very limited use of Jira Software. Imagine that some branches had been serviced even by paperwork!

By implementing Jira Service Desk as a unified IT service tool, as well as a couple of custom features to fit their particular needs, MetLife managed to reduce their access management ticket flow by 25%, improve their acceptance chain and customize their Help Center to meet the customers’ expectations.

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Marcin Żurawiecki, Deviniti - How to Boost Cooperation Between Operations and Development in Jira

Great cooperation of your support and development teams is key to building customer satisfaction. Using Jira Service Desk and Jira Software for those processes gives you the opportunity to enhance their synergy. See how IssueSYNC can aid the information flow in your organization between different Jira instances!

Marcin is a testing specialist, Product Owner for TestFLO app at Deviniti and a big Jira enthusiast.

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3:00 PM



Sum up all the knowledge from the day, exchange business cards and drive home safe! Don’t forget to share your notes with the teammates the next day 😉


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