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Coding, testing and deployment
Everything you need in one tool: GIT repository management, code review, issue tracking, activity streams, wikis, continuous integration and delivery. GitLab is currently one of the most popular SCM-class tools. Similarly to other solutions, it performs basic tasks related to the repository and version control management. But these functionalities are just a small fraction of the tool’s capabilities.

Deviniti – authorized partner of GitLab in Poland

Currently, GitLab supports developers throughout the entire software development process, starting from the creation of a repository and writing the first lines of code, through the construction of pipelines, to the testing and deployment phases.

GitLab adapts excellently to individual needs. If you’re working on a small project, the free cloud version will meet your expectations. If your team needs a more complex, scalable environment, the on-premise enterprise version will work best.

GitLab Enterprise Edition

GitLab Enterprise Edition was created on the basis of the best functionalities from the Community Edition version, with additional functionalities dedicated mainly to larger organizations and companies. This version also includes the ability to synchronize users with LDAP, audit logs and support for multiple roles, with deeper integration in authentication and authorization.

Enterprise Edition offers extensive permissions management and workflow capabilities and has additional options to manage the server. The Enterprise Edition version is installed on the organization’s servers and adapted for easy integration with a collection of additional tools.




Deviniti is one of the two GitLab partners in the world, and has been awarded the Gitlab Virtuoso certificate.

As a team of professionals with practical expertise at the expert level, we provide support in the construction of an optimal environment for individual needs, its optimization, audits of existing instances, and training of technical teams.

If you have more questions and would like to learn how to use and adapt GitLab to your requirements, please contact us.

Services and support


We advise on how to apply GitLab products in your company to increase the efficiency of your business.


We provide users of GitLab software with knowledge about how to use new tools.


We implement the software purchased from us and help in the migration of data from other systems.


We help you customize the GitLab software to meet the individual needs of your company.


We maintain and monitor the software implemented by us in the 24x7x365 or 8 × 5 model.

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Radosław Kosiec

+48 502 317 555
I will explain all licensing issues and prepare a favorable offer for your organization.