October 15-16, 2024

Cracow, Poland
For executives, managers, and specialists commited to mastering the Atlassian ecosystem
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Join 8000+ professionals who already participated in Jira Day

Dive into an event where global speakers redefine project management and efficiency within the Atlassian. Discover how future AI integrations can enhance these tools further.


Three Special Tracks for You

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Future of Work

Explore how the workplace is evolving with cutting-edge tools and methodologies.

This track dives deep into:

AI-Driven Enhancements: Discover how artificial intelligence is being integrated into Jira workflows to automate tasks and improve efficiency.
Agile Management: Learn from case studies about transforming operations with agile practices.
Team Culture Development: Hear firsthand how leading organizations are building dynamic team environments.
Software Development Innovations: Gain insights into developing software within the Atlassian ecosystem, leveraging exclusive Jira features.

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Elevate Your Business

This track focuses on strategic business growth and operational excellence.

Sessions will cover:

Service Management: Delve into the integration of ESM/ITSM within Jira, exploring new functionalities and best practices.
Business Expansion: Learn from those who have successfully scaled their operations, leveraging insights from the Atlassian ecosystem.
Team Organization: Discover innovative approaches to structuring your team for optimal performance.
Future Planning: Engage with future roadmaps and updates directly from Atlassian, preparing your business for what lies ahead.

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Demo Track

Immerse yourself in the practical application of the latest technological advancements.

This track offers:

Interactive Exploration: Experience the newest tools and applications in real-time.
Access to Free Trials: Test out the latest features and tools offered within the Atlassian suite.
Direct Interaction: Chat with the developers and innovators behind the latest technological advancements.
Technological Showcases: See how AI and other technological integrations can transform standard practices.

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Why Jira Day is so unique?

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Case Studies from Jira Users

What sets Jira Day apart is the exclusive opportunity to hear firsthand from high-level Jira users. Participants can explore detailed case studies showcasing innovative uses of Jira in various industries, gaining insights that are specifically relevant to Jira application, which is not typically the focus at other Atlassian events.

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Exclusive Jira Updates and Features

This event is an excellent source for the latest news and updates from the Atlassian ecosystem. Attendees can learn about new features, best practices, and future roadmaps directly from Atlassian representatives or seasoned users, keeping them ahead in their field.

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AI-Driven Jira Enhancements

Jira Day uniquely highlights the integration of artificial intelligence with Jira workflows. Attendees can explore how AI tools and plugins can automate routine tasks, enhance issue tracking, and predict project outcomes. This focus on AI-driven enhancements provides a unique perspective on how Jira can evolve beyond traditional management tools, offering practical insights not commonly found at other Atlassian events.

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Insights into Best Practices

Learning from the experiences of others is a key benefit. Attendees can gain insights into how different organizations utilize Jira and other Atlassian tools, adopting best practices and avoiding common pitfalls.


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What Jira Day participiants say

It is my first time, here and I think it was nice to see how other people work with the Atlassian products, since I am an Admin of all of them in my company and, even though we are a team, I am the one who works specifically with Jira, Confluence. The event was well organized, so nothing to say about that


It was a fantastic opportunity to interact with like-minded Atlassian gurus. I have come away with a bucket-load of ideas to consider for our Company.

Cloud Engineer

A well-organized event at a wonderful venue, where you can meet and discuss with all Atlassian vendors that matter. They have not only become partners but also friends through working together. Running together event right after the evening party? Yes, we did that!

Atlassian Admin & Internal Infrastructure PM

Very professional and usefull presentations. A good and justified representation as it’s expected from keynote speaker.

Andreja T.

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What you can expect?

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Exclusive Night Talk

This inaugural event gather outstanding experts in the empire of AI for a unique AI-driven discussion based on questions and topics raised during the conference.

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Party & Network

Cap off a day of innovation and insight with our afterparty featuring a live DJ! It’s the perfect opportunity to unwind and network among fellow Atlassian enthusiasts in a lively, fun-filled atmosphere.

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Open Bar Access

Enjoy the convenience of an open bar included in your ticket price. Savor a selection of premium drinks and gourmet snacks as you mingle and network in style.

Jira Day throwback

Feel the atmosphere of Jira Day

Jira Day 2023
Jira Day 2022

Charity is a part of the event

CSR Activities

Although in Deviniti we shoot for the stars and like cosmic references, we deeply care for issues that concern our planet, Earth.

That’s why during Jira Day 2021 we joined forces with the Las na Zawsze charity and decided to plant 1 square meter of forest for every event attendant. What’s the result? This fall, our team will plant 3000 square meters of forest. Why 3000? Our Deviniti Cares foundation doubled the number of attendants to help the planet even more.

Since then, we decided that all income from the conference kits (included in the normal ticket) will be donated to our CSR activities. In 2022 and 2023 we helped Fundacja Ratujmy Pszczoły (Save the Bees Foundation). Thank you to all the participants for your engagement in the environment!


The venue

CKF_13 Fabryczna Conference Center is an entirely new facility with 2,200 m2 of space dedicated to the organization of business events and scientific symposiums, but also entertainment events. The undoubted advantages of CKF_13 are its prestigious location in the Fabryczna City complex in the beautiful city of Cracow.

Source: ckf13.pl

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