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A Guide to Synchronizing Trello and JIRA

Krzysztof Skoropada - 12 January 2017 - 0 comments


A couple of days ago, Atlassian purchased Trello for a smashing $425 million.

To tell you the truth, we’re not that surprised.

Just recently the dynamic San Francisco-based startup claimed to have 17 million signed-up users, among them workers from companies like Adobe Systems, Pixar, or Google.

During the last couple of years, we have seen Trello practically explode on the market. The tool provided something many teams were looking for – a simple interface combined with maximum functionality.

When we noticed so many organizations choosing Trello as the collaboration tool for their teams, it became clear to us that these companies could use a tool to help them synchronize the data between their Trello boards and JIRA instances.

That’s why we created Trello Sync for JIRA, a plugin which helps companies to make the most out of Trello and JIRA for their workflow management and productivity.

Here’s a guide to help you in efficient synchronization of Trello with JIRA.


Why Integrate Trello with JIRA?

By synchronizing data from your Trello boards with your JIRA instance, you gain in two basic ways.

First, you can provide a public status for your JIRA projects in Trello without all the extra work that comes with doing that manually.

Trello boards will be mapped to JQL. The plugin can map Trello lists into issue statuses and types. Trello cards can be easily mapped to issues as well.

Just think how much time you could be saving on that with a simple integration tool.

Second, thanks to Trello Sync you can develop a frontend service desk for JIRA issues on a Trello board.

In other words, you can make changes in JIRA and see them in Trello – and vice versa!

By integrating Trello with JIRA, you’ll build a bridge between your business and development teams.

While developers will remain in their natural environment that is JIRA, professionals in business departments will continue using their favorite collaboration platform Trello.

With just a few clicks you can make content from one platform available to the users of the other.

Extending this availability is a smart move.

It won’t matter whether a team works on JIRA issues or Trello boards. Thanks to our plugin, all users located on both platforms will be able to see the relevant updates made on both sides.


Synchronization Types and How to Use Them

Trello Sync supports three types of synchronization:

JIRA → Trello (Outgoing)

Trello → JIRA (Incoming)

JIRA ↔ Trello (Two-Way)

Depending on the synchronization type, users will be able to integrate different aspects of both Trello and JIRA.

Have a look here to learn more about the fields that can be synchronized between JIRA and Trello.

How fast will your content be synchronized? That depends on which synchronization type you choose.

Changes made on Trello boards will be instantly visible in JIRA.

If you update a JIRA issue, you’ll see a corresponding change in Trello after approximately 1 minute.

You can trace all the tasks which are synchronized in a special queue preview. Once a task is integrated between Trello and JIRA, it will disappear from the list.


Here Are Some Smart Use Cases of Our Plugin

How to use Trello Sync in your organization? Here are 3 examples of what you can achieve with our plugin.


Develop a public project or product roadmap

Most of the time, the development of your project is handled in your company JIRA.

But what if users need to know the project map to make it happen?

You don’t want to create a heap of new JIRA accounts just for that reason. It’s time-consuming and might easily compromise the security of your instance.

If you need to display a project or product roadmap to external users, you can do with Trello. Create a special board where you share all the critical information about your project and you can be sure that users will be able to navigate with minimum support from your side.

Have a look here to see a special roadmap we created in Trello featuring detailed instructions for integrating various elements between the two platforms.


Share company portfolio

Sometimes you might have many products to offer and you want users to get the required information about all of them in a single place.

That’s where you should use a Trello board. You don’t want to bombard potential customers with endless emails. Instead, share a link where they can see your company portfolio on a user-friendly interface.

For example, check our portfolio board here.


Share JIRA project status

Let’s imagine that many different stakeholders are using Trello at your company.

You want to give them access to project statuses in JIRA.

Instead of wasting your time on explaining how JIRA works, you can integrate the two platforms and offer access to this information in an environment which is natural to these stakeholders – Trello.


Key Takeaway

Integrating Trello and JIRA paves the way to better collaboration between different teams at any organization which uses these platforms for team workflow management.

With Trello Sync, you can be sure that users of both platforms are constantly updated and all changes are instantly visible to your teams.

Interested to see Trello Sync for JIRA in action? Head over here to sign up for a free 30-day trial.

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