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A family of products supporting all stages of software development

The main product of the company, the Perforce Helix platform, is the most advanced version control system, oriented on the maximum simplification and acceleration of collaboration between those responsible for software development. The company’s aspirations to create a universal and highly scalable product have been appreciated by over 10,500 customers,

starting with startups using free, 20-person licenses, to major companies such as NVIDIA, Samsung, SAP and even the New York Stock Exchange. Independent research has confirmed that companies migrating to Perforce note a 15% increase in productivity among software developers and release new versions of their products up to 25% faster.

Helix is ​​a unified platform for software development in multi-person teams, providing comprehensive protection for the created intellectual property.

The Helix product family is one of the most
advanced platforms supporting all stages
of software development.

The Helix system is created for CI and CD, so there are no obstacles to its integration with other tools supporting these processes.
Helix has built-in plugins, APIs, SDKs for many programming languages, and is perfect for environments with more than 80 million transactions per day.
That number speaks for itself.

Helix ALM

supports requirements management, error tracking and tests execution

Helix Core

modern version control engine as the safest and best scalable source code management system

Helix Swarm

advanced source code manager (SCM) with a very intuitive interface. Thanks to this tool, the construction of complex products runs very smoothly and efficiently

Helix TeamHub

flexible code manager (SCM) enabling versioning of many different repositories (GIT, SVN, Mercurial) in one project

Helix Hansoft

Hansoft is an enterprise Agile planning tool that provides a single platform for decision-making at the project, program, and portfolio levels.


Helix4Git is a new type of depot. It leverages the power and scale of the Helix server, and it lets you manage Git repos natively. Easy to implement without changing your existing toolset.


Klocwork is one of the most accurate code analyzers for C, C++, C#, and Java programming languages that scales to projects of any size and works effectively within the DevOps cycle.

That is why we have been appreciated by Perforce and today hold the title of a Perforce Partner as the only company in Poland!

What does that mean?



We know Perforce products inside and out



We combine their capabilities in an optimal way



We configure them individually for each client

Proven practices

Proven practices

We add our own optimized solutions



We provide licenses, implementation and support under the best conditions

Services and support

If you’re not sure how to implement Perforce tools in your company, you’re in the right place!
We have expert knowledge in the implementation of Perforce software. We help in the following areas:


We advise on how to apply Perforce products in your company to increase the efficiency of your business.


We provide users of Perforce software with knowledge about these tools.


We implement the software purchased from us and help in the migration of data from other systems.


We help to adapt the Perforce software to the individual needs of your company.


We maintain and monitor the software implemented by us in the 24x7x365 or 8×5 model.

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Radosław Kosiec

+48 502 317 555
I will explain all licensing issues and prepare a favorable offer for your organization.